[062013-062313] Day 3 & 4 of Seattle Recap

On Saturday, Adrian, Cathy, Ly, Tony, and I woke up and started packing about an hour before we had to check out of our hotel room. We parked our car at the Target parking structure and walked over to Biscuit Bitch to eat brunch.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledVery chill vibes and very interesting menu item names. For those who know me, I do not cuss, so it was slightly uncomfortable for me to place an order. 😛

UntitledCathy and I shared the “You Lucky Bitch” served with a side of garlic grits. Never tried grits before but it tasted just like congee to me.  The biscuit sandwich tasted pretty good though!

After brunch, we walked through Pike Place Market one last time.


We went back to Target where we had to spend at least $20 to get  our parking validated. We bought a few drinks and snacks for the day. Cathy and I also bought (and planned to return) a large beach bag to place our souvenirs in, which was also meant to serve as one of our personal items for our flight home. Super Asian or what? 😛


Majority of our Saturday was spent sightseeing. Our first stop was Kerry Park. I do not think we made it to the actual park since pictures on Yelp look so different from the pictures we took, but the view we had was still lovely.

UntitledLovely overview with the Space Needle in the background!

UntitledUntitledUntitledAww yeahhh! 🙂

UntitledUntitledPoor Tony got hit with a sudden case of allergies. He could barely keep his eyes open when we were here. 😦

Ly drove us around all weekend in Seattle. I do not typically get driven around, so it was nice to actually be a passenger all weekend. 😛

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledBackseat passenger status. WOOHOO!

Our next stop was the Olympic Structure Park. Reviews said the place is not very touristy, but we thought it was a very nice place to walk around. Adrian and I managed to get some pretty nice shots here. 🙂


We made a pit stop at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream afterwards as recommended by my cube Amy. Adrian walked next door and got us a donut from Top Pot Doughnuts to try out as well.

UntitledAdrian, Cathy, and I shared a scoop of “scout” mint and maple walnut. So yummy!

UntitledOverpriced donut. OR our taste buds were just confused since we ate the donut at the same time as our ice cream…

We made another stop that had a different view of Seattle. I cannot recall if this place was on our list of places to go (it might have been a random place we searched up on Yelp along the way), but trees were mostly in the foreground, so I did not take any photos of the actual view.

UntitledUntitledFood coma status. Adrian chose to nap in the car instead. 😛

Our last sightseeing spot was along Alki Beach. We did not reach the actual beach as planned, but we got to see one of the best views of Seattle’s skyline. The weather was perfect and the view as perfect. I was so in love!

Untitled*happy sigh*

Untitled 🙂

As a snack before meeting up with Carol, we stopped by Heaven Sent Fried Chicken. We chose this place because the name caught our attention and also because we heard it was Oprah’s favorite fried chicken.

The chicken strips we tried were delicious!

After the super friendly cashier noticed us whipping out our cameras to take photos of our food, she got Ezell (the owner and cook) to come out to take a photo with us. He suggested we stood right in front of his photo with Oprah. 😛

We then finally headed over to Carol’s house where we dropped off our luggage. JoAnn, Joe, and Chris were there as well, so we all went out to Blue Ginger together to eat dinner.


At dinner, Carol told us about Seattle’s floating bridge, which I found very interesting. Carol said you cannot tell that it floats except for when it is super windy. The bridge itself is not much of a view, but the concept is interesting. She also told us about weird places we could have checked out such as the suicide bridge and the rainbow house. So creepy!

As we ended the night, we stopped by Oasis for some boba. The cups only came in a large size and it was delicious! Carol was super nice  and paid for all our drinks. 🙂

UntitledI wish I took more photos of the place. I have never been to a boba shop that was so big. The place was swarming with people, the music was good, and the vibes were cool.

We went back to Carol’s place after grabbing our drinks. The group spent the rest of the night chatting away. Adrian noticed I was very quiet, but I cannot recall if it was because everyone else was chatty (so I automatically just enter listener mode) or because I was tired. It must have been a mixture of both. *shrugs*

Before we fell asleep, we watched the very last episode of Friends. When we woke up the next day, we also watched an episode of Friends prior to leaving. Watching the show in HD felt very bizarre….

On Sunday, the 5 of us woke up a little later than intended. After saying our goodbyes to Carol and her family, we rushed off to get gas for our rental car prior to heading to the airport. After dropping off our car and taking the shuttle to the airport terminals, we faced a semi-long line for the security checkpoint. Adrian and I got unlucky with the line we chose because the person checking the x-rays was very thorough in checking everything that showed up on the screen. Cathy, Ly, and Tony ended up going to our gate first while we lagged behind. Adrian and I ended up nearly running to our gate because our flight was already boarding. Luckily, we made it just on time.

I love airplane window views!

UntitledAdrian got to chatting with one  of our flight attendants and was asking her if they still gave out pins like he used to get all the time as a kid. Our flight attendant went and found what he was talking about and gave two to Adrian. Adrian gave me one. It will serve as a nice little souvenir to remember our first flight together. 🙂

When we got back to Oakland International Airport, we stuck around to eat lunch. Ly had another flight in several hours, so she had to stay at the airport. What a crazy work life she has!

Overall, the trip was very successful. Despite it only being a weekend trip, I think we covered a lot of ground. It was the first time I went out of the state with friends and I am glad it was with Tony and Ly. It helped a lot that they’ve been to the city before and love food as much as we do! It was also a refreshing feeling to have someone else take the lead in the planning and executing process. Planning for places to go can be a stressful task for me, so hopefully it was not too stressful for Tony and Ly. The 5 of us seem to have different ways with how we “tick,” e.g., planning places to go along the way vs having an itinerary,  but it worked out very well in the end. Hopefully, we can travel to more places together in the future!


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