Fourth of July

This year, I decided to spend my fourth of July with Adrian and his family. His extended family from LA were coming to visit for the week and I wanted to see and hangout with his younger cousins Amy and Kelly.

I arrived at his house sometime before noon and spent several hours helping Adrian clean his room and helping his mom tidy up the house a little bit. It is always amazing when I get a chance to see the floors of Adrian’s room since it is quite a rare sight! 😛

With our spare time, Adrian finally put up the wall cubes I got him a while back. He also put up  a large whiteboard that his dad had got him. His room looks good when cleaned up!

His extended family arrived sometime in the later afternoon. Adrian drove me and his cousins Amy, Karen, and Kelly out to Safeway to stock up on soda for the week. Adrian’s mom ordered a ton of food and we all ate a late dinner. After dinner, a majority of the children/young adult’s time were spent absorbed with their electronics, so we did not do too much. Unfortunatelyly, we did not burn or go see fireworks this year, so I was a bit sad about that. Otherwise, it was nice being able to spend the entire day with Adrian, which is a rare occurrence these days. I had to leave to go home around 1000PM and was distracted by the large fireworks displays that were going off while I was driving home. At least I got to see some fireworks this year!


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