All Day with Adrian

I woke up early to drive to Bay Point. Adrian took the day off and we were supposed to attend HR’s Summer Reunion event together. I wanted to go to the Paragon Outlets before we went to the event so we could return some shirts Adrian had bought me. However, we ended up lounging around for so long that we ended up not attending the reunion event in the end. Despite not going, I still had fun with Adrian. I had an excuse to bring around my new camera! 🙂 We did not do too much, but we got to spend the entire day together. Such days do not exist anymore due to our work/school schedules!


Adrian and I shared a chicken ranch stromboli and a slice of Hawaiian pizza with a side of mac & cheese from Villa. The stromboli was delicious and worth the overpriced mall food price. 😛


We did not buy anything from the outlets. We just returned the shirts Adrian had bought me from Hollister, browsed around some shops, and went perfume shopping! Adrian was telling me about how he really liked Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume when he first smelled it and he wanted to get it for me but was afraid I would not like it. After checking out different perfumes from Perfumania, he ordered a bottle of Fame for me off Amazon. I am excited for it because I am totally in love with the bottle design (and the scent of course)!


Afterwards, we went to try out Snowflake since we were so close by. I had been wanting to try the place since seeing people post photos of shaved snow on their Instagram feed. The last time I had shaved snow was in LA with Adrian, so I was excited when I found out that shaved snow existed in Norcal too!


We decided to order “real” food since it was near dinner time. Adrian ordered the baked seafood rice & cream sauce while I ordered the rock cod with sweet corn sauce. The food reminded us of a bit of what is offered at Blue Moon in Sacramento, but that might just be because Blue Moon was where we first tried a baked rice dish. Anyways, dinner was delicious!


For dessert, we ordered the silky milky shaved snow. It was very flavorful and very tasty!


On the drive back to Adrian’s house, I knocked out due to food coma. Prior to knocking out, I briefly recall mumbling something about finding a place to go take photos. When I woke up, Adrian surprised me by driving to a random area that had a lovely distant view of Martinez. It was a good way to end the day as we watched the sunset.

Gorgeous, gorgeous sun!

Silly Adrian!

We got gas for my car before heading back to Adrian’s house. For some reason, it felt like the first time in a long time where I actually felt incredibly relaxed over the weekend. Very much needed apparently. 🙂



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