Last Day with CDI

Today I said goodbye to the most rewarding job I will probably ever have in my life.

If you did not already know, I worked at the child development center located at my old elementary school. I remember feeling nostalgic the first time I stepped foot in the building during my interview and then again when I first started the job. As silly as it sounds, it felt like life came full circle for me because I was returning to the school that was a part of my past.

When I first started out working for CDI, it was a struggle trying to adjust. I had never worked with children before (aside from my recent lab class) and I was very fresh to the Early Childhood Education field. For a while, I had children trying to take advantage of me not knowing all the rules yet, but luckily I had my co-workers calling them out for it. (Ha!)

I was not born with a dominant personality, but I still managed to find my place here at the center. Working with the children continued to be an ongoing struggle (mostly with trying to get them to calm down and listen), but I got to learn a lot from working here. I worked with two amazing teachers and an amazing supervisor who showed me how great it was to do what you love and love what you do. I learned to be more confident, I learned to use my voice, and I learned to have fun.

There were some children I got to connect more with than others, but I learned to love them all nonetheless. 9 months flew by and I am saddened by the thought that I cannot stay longer to watch them grow up.

Life handed me another opportunity and I decided to take it as I try to build more towards a stable future. I may still not know what I want to do with my degree yet, but at least I know I will be okay. Being a teacher was one of my dream jobs from when I was in the 2nd grade and I am glad I got to fulfill my dream for a short while.

Collection of notes I received during my last week:

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The song that the childrenย loved dancing to. I will never forget!


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