State Fair with the Crew

I usually go to the California State Fair at least once a year. Last year, I brought my favorite Davis people to the fair. This year, we decided to go again!

We first met up at Urban Outfitters so we could all gather together. While waiting for everyone to arrive, we messed around the store.

IMG_7486Teresa was trying to listen to her own body? ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_7484 IMG_7488They were calling each other trying to test out the retro handset. ๐Ÿ˜›

When we got to the fair, one of our first stops was the Livestock Nursery. We awwed over cute animals and stopped and stared as people took turns milking a cow.


We went for some fair food to fulfill our hunger status.

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

LS Alex’s drink cost $8 and had unlimited refills on the lemonade! Free refills at the fair is so rare. Only bad thing was that the location of the stand was really far away.

Shared some fish & chips and a blooming onion with Kristi and Teresa. Towards the end when we could no longer eat anymore, Alex S wanted to squeeze the onion to see how much oil would come out of it. Disgusting!

We spent a large chunk of our time playing around with the things available to us in the Wild Science exhibit. This year’s focus seemed to have an emphasis on jumbo-sized board games.

We solved them puzzles!

IMG_7526IMG_7525This was oddly very entertaining for us as we dropped coins in and watched them run around.

IMG_7530IMG_7531Jumbo sized games!

We spent the most time playing with the large Jenga blocks. Towards the end, a crowd had gathered to watch!

I love Teresa’s facial expressions!

IMG_7562Our tower before it came tumbling down! Lasted quite a while!

Morphing fun.

Checked out the Chevrolet booth and got ourselves some free sunglasses this year.


Kristi and I stumbled upon the imPress Press-On Manicures booth. Turned out they were giving out a free set of nails, so we figured… why not?!


We checked out the 5th Dimension exhibit. I thought we were walking into some scary movie because they had us wait inside a box and we could not see what was ahead of us. It turned out to be multiple screens showing a 3D animated video, which was pretty neat! Afterwards, we walked through the Fur and Feathers exhibit and awwed some more over cute animals.

Cuteness all around!

Kristi, Alex, and Teresa decided they wanted to hold a bird. And so they did!

We went to watch the hypnotist show at 0700PM.

Henry also fell asleep here last year as well! ๐Ÿ˜›

IMG_7602I’ve watched the hypnotist show year after year and I was excited she had brought something new to her show this year!

Hall of Heroes was one my personal favorites this year. I loved everything!

How is thisย not cool?!

IMG_7605Aww yeah! Photo op with Batman!

A little something for the Doctor Who fans.

We had SO many things to play with!

We stayed at the fair until 1000PM. My feet were in incredible pain by the end of the day.


It was a fun day despite the 102 degree weather. I hope Adrian can go again with me soon! ๐Ÿ˜›


5 thoughts on “State Fair with the Crew

  1. I have one of those retro handset, they come in handy when talking to family (you know those calls are never quick =P).


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