First Week of Work

I started my state job this past Monday. Despite my initial struggles during the first two days of work, I managed to survive my first week! I hope all weeks can feel like they go by this quickly. I already know getting used to receiving a monthly paycheck will definitely require some adjustments to my current spending habits though. Eep!

ImageMy ID for work. Oh gawd.

The new job is a huge dramatic difference from the type of environment I have grown accustomed to working in, but it has a calming effect on me. I went from working in a child development center where I would attend to around 40 children a day to working in an extremely quiet office setting that is located inside a large warehouse. The only things I really hear are the a/c going off, tapping on keyboards, and occasionally… footsteps. Unsurprisingly, the introvert within me is very content within this setting.

I found out that my co-workers had only worked there for three weeks prior to my arrival, so our whole team is pretty brand new. My supervisor says that the two co-workers I am working with have set high standards since they picked up all the information quickly and are well off on their own now, so I really hope I am picking up all the information at a decent rate. *crosses fingers*

So what do I do exactly? I work at the Imaging Records Center where we keep all the x-ray files of inmates from the California state prisons. Hospitals would send in requests for old x-rays and we would have to search our shelves and systems to find the information we need to send out to them. Ultimately, we want to digitize all the files, but I have no clue how many years that would take. I am seriously surrounded around at least seven years worth of files!

I shall keep you guys updated on my progress!


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