After much debate between joining 24 Hour Fitness or Crunch, I ended up joining 24 at the end of July with Adrian. I liked the idea of being able to go to the gym with Adrian  since I can attend various locations and it has been working out great so far! I try to go every day after work. (Weekends are tougher to force myself to get out!) I started attending the fitness classes they offer (kickboxing, pilates, yoga, and U-Jam) and have been having fun trying to fit them into my schedule. I wonder how long I can keep up with everything since I’m locked in for two  years. Hmm….



Here’s to hoping I do not slack off! I want to look presentable for Beyond Wonderland that is happening next month. 😛


11 thoughts on “Gyming

  1. Fitness classes are so great because it’s a little harder to tap out the first moment you’re tired. Glad you found a gym with fun classes!

    How are you liking kickboxing? My friend wanted to go with me when we were still with our school gym, but I was intimidated (and also lazy).


    • I went twice so far and they were with both different instructors. Second kickboxing class totally kicked my butt and I loved it! (The instructor is really popular too and now I can see why.) It’s so fun!


  2. You can do it, Karen! I’ve started running recently too. It’s been five days and I’m still continuing. I usually get lazy after the third day haha.

    How exciting! I’ve never been to a rave. When is it?


    • I started out with running months back when I was doing my first 5k, but haven’t really ran much. (I don’t think treadmill counts!) I’m glad you’re keeping up with it though! Sometimes it’s definitely hard to push yourself, but results are awesome! The rave is end of September! 😀


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