Short Trip to LA

I took a bereavement leave from work to attend my great uncle’s funeral. We used to visit him every time our family went to LA but I never really knew who he was or how I was related to him. It was not until a couple days before we had to leave that my sister told me he was the older brother of my grandma. I can’t believe I had no idea this entire time!

On our way to LA, my dad laid down all the seats in the back of our Pilot to create a makeshift bed for Cathy and I to sleep. We kept it this way for about 2/3 of our trip.

20130821121152056Pretty comfortable despite being slid around!

We stayed at my aunt’s house in Temple City and our family all stayed in Jonathan’s room. Cathy and I kept to ourselves pretty much the entire time we were there. At the funeral, our family was categorized within the same group as “friends” because we were not directly related. It felt a little strange feeling like an outsider amongst a sea of familiar faces. The 3-day family visit felt a bit awkward for me, but I always enjoy seeing my parent’s faces light up as they interact with their old friends and family.

Luckily for Cathy and me, we had our friend Victor to help us escape all the awkwardness. 🙂

Wednesday night, Victor picked us up and took us to Factory Tea Bar. I find out about most places I want to try thanks to my social media feeds, so I was excited to knock this one off my list of places to go. It was a pleasant experience despite us sitting at a really small table. The guy that took our order was very entertaining. He knelt down to the ground to take our order (because our table was that small and short!) and he took a glance at Cathy and I and asked if we were twins. Definitely left me in a good mood!

IMG_7846A bit steep for my personal boba enjoyment at around $4 a cup, but that nom nom milk sure was nom nom! 😛 Definitely not a drink I can get at home, so it was well worth my monies. 🙂

This brick toast was amazing! The toast reminded me of creme brulee due to the way it came out. I’m already drooling just thinking about it again!

Thursday night, Victor took Cathy and me to Phoenix where we decided to order several things off the menu. The only way to describe the place is that the desserts are really Asian. Ha! Everything we ordered tasted very cool and refreshing though. Perfect for summer nights!

IMG_7861-3I wish we had more places like this at home!

I told Victor I needed to take a photo of him to document that I really hung out with him. He decided to shield his face with his camera! 😛

And there was Cathy of course. 🙂

We wanted to go to LACMA to see the Urban Light sculpture, but the drive did not seem worth it. I’ll have to go for sure the next time I visit! We were also considering going bowling after eating our desserts, but we ended up just calling it a night due to the time. Nonetheless, it was pretty fun seeing Victor again. This was actually my third time hanging out with him in person, but it did not feel that way at all! 🙂

Friday afternoon, Cathy and I ended up spending the day with the extended family. We explored Little Tokyo and decided to walk our butts over to Chinatown since we paid for all-day parking anyways. It turned out to be quite a far walk! But I think the most painful part was waiting around for all the adults to finish shopping in Chinatown. Lots of waiting + nowhere to sit down = pain! Needless to say, the women decided to stay in Chinatown while the men walked back to Little Tokyo to drive the cars over to us. Haha! 🙂

I really enjoyed seeing the wishing trees in Little Toyko. 🙂

We ended up at Daiso after Chinatown. The extended fam seemed to enjoy the shop since they bought a lot of random $1.50 items. Cathy and I went to a shop across the street where I bought Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushies to surprise Adrian. Funnily enough, when I went to see Adrian on Saturday, he had some surprises of his own for me.

IMG_Karen_1Adrian got me two bags of green tea Kit Kats and a cute Korilakkuma clip. What a coincidence! <444

After Daiso, my dad drove us to Half & Half so Cathy and I could try it out. (That social media influence I’m telling you!) Our gps lead us in the wrong direction, so we did not end up at the location that serves the drinks in large cups as seen in the Bobalife Youtube video.

IMG_7869IMG_7871Our drinks tasted alright. I think I like Factory Tea Bar more. :X

After doing some grocery shopping at Hawaii Supermarket and eating a quick dinner at my aunt’s house, our family ended up packing up and leaving LA that night. We arrived at our home around 0100AM or so. In the end, the trip also served as a nice little break from real life. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Short Trip to LA

  1. I’m sorry for your lost, even if you were not close to him.

    We have something like a Daiso here too, but nothing compared to the ones in California (from what I heard). I think it will be one of the places I must go if I ever visit.


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