Update on the Work Life

For about a month, I did pretty much the same thing at work everyday. Aside from running into technical difficulties or horribly organized film jackets, all I really did was upload prior exams after prior exams. However, I finally started answering some phone calls! (Progress!) It was not as scary as I thought since I have not ran into any accounts of “being yelled at” as my co-workers have said they experienced. Perhaps we just have different perspectives on what that means. *shrugs* Work also got a little less lonely as I finally started chatting it up with some of my co-workers. (Major progress!)

More recently, our supervisor decided to implement a rotation schedule so that we work at a different workstation each week. He says it is a good way for us to all get accustomed to each station in the case that someone is out sick. Makes sense. He also jokingly said that it is so we do not get bored, which is what I am thankful for! Lalala….

This week, I am working as the floater. I get to sit at my cubicle and make phone calls. Eeep! (Reminds me of when I worked as a teller and I had to make marketing calls. T__T) It feels a bit lonely since I am all by myself at my cubicle while all the workstations are together at a distance. However, as the floater, I am also supposed to help out my co-workers. Helping = gives me a reason to leave my cubicle = not so bad after all. I guess I’ll survive this week despite all the phone calls I have to make. ๐Ÿ™‚


12 thoughts on “Update on the Work Life

    • I’m an Office Assistant for the state. Definitely not what I imagined myself with, but it’s worth the money. Might just focus on moving up the ladder within the state for now until I find my passion.


      • I know what you mean. I worked an office assistant job for a dorm eatery in college. It paid well and I loved working there, but definitely not my long term career plan. That’s good though. You’re lucky to land a state job, hah! Any ideas about what you might pursue long term?


      • Yeah I heard it was really difficult to land one! Too bad my current position isn’t permanent, but hopefully that aspect works out too. And long term wise, NO idea anymore. Initially I had considered being a preshcool teacher, but after working an after school program… I don’t know anymore. Still love children, but don’t know if it’s for me.


  1. Floating and helping is fun! I get to do that at my lab and now everyone knows my face.

    Do you like making calls? Because I usually hate it. XD


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