Little Adventures (September 19 – September 22)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adrian met up with me at the gym because I really wanted to attend U-Jam for the week. I love going to the class even though I’m not really coordinated! It is nice to feel like I can dance. Ha! But when I saw Adrian watching me from afar, I got super shy. XD I must get more comfortable with myself! *nods*

After the class ended, we went to go eat at Dos Coyotes. I freakin’ love their border burrito bowls because the portions are super filling!

Oh. My. Goodness.

My love! <444

We decided to go to Joann’s after so I can check out materials I could buy to work on my outfit for Beyond Wonderland that was coming up. Adrian had a hard time walking because he ate way too much. No idea how that happened, but it was kind of entertaining! 😛

We roamed Target afterwards since it is one of the few places open late in Elk Grove. (Target and Walmart! Yeah!!) Adrian ended up buying a pair of shoes that he could wear during dancing that he wouldn’t have to worry about too much.

We ended our night together sitting in our car and talking about the future. We touched upon the subject of where he could go to school when he transfers next year and it made me sad. Change can be scary, yaknow?

Friday, September 20, 2013

After work and dropping Jamie off at home, I went to pick up Kristi from Downtown. Jeff invited me to board games night at his sister’s apartment in Natomas. I brought Kristi along with me and it turned out to be pretty fun! Once we got there, we hopped right in and joined the card game that was happening. We only went through two boards games during our time there, but it was cool trying new games I had never heard of before.

P9202004P9202002We played this game called Lords of Vegas.

Kristi was like my secretary holding onto my money. We played with Jonathan, Kin, and Sang. This game ended up lasting a long time as we all learned along the way the different strategies we could use. The board game was pretty much about building casinos and making monies!

P9202005P9202006Camera whoring on my camera. No surprise! 😛

Kristi and I left around 1100PM. On the way home, we stopped by McDonald’s to try their mighty wings. McDonald’s selling bone-in chicken wings certainly tickled my curiosity, so we just had to! We came to the conclusion that they weren’t worth the money. 😦

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kristi was sleeping over for the weekend, so we figured it would be a good time to use a trial pass for 24 Hour Fitness. We woke up early and I brought her to the Bodycombat class I usually go to on Saturday mornings. (One of my absolute favorite classes!) However, we had issues redeeming the free trial pass because they said Kristi needed a local address in order for it to work. That had us both confused since 24 has locations everywhere, but we decided to just let it go. Kristi had to pay $8 to get in the gym, but apparently she got her $8 worth in sweat after the class. Ha! 😀

After the class ended, we headed back to my house. Cathy was awake by then, so we told her to change so we could go check out the little fair that was happening in the library parking lot. We walked/I skateboarded over (first time in MONTHS!) since we lived so close anyways. More exercise, yay!


Okay. So the fair was obviously more geared towards children, but we are totally kids at heart anyways! We mostly walked around to take a look-see, but man… this would have been flipping amazing as a kid! To me, it was kinda like a career fair for children. You know… the times when you felt like you could grow up to be anything you wanted? No clue what the actual event was for, but there were a lot of different vehicles to check out.

P9212011P9212012P9212013ALL kinds of vehicles!

P9212014SPCA was there too!

P9212015P9212016The CSI training was neat! The man at the booth was showing children how to get fingerprints.

P9212017No idea if this is a traveling library, but I thought it was beautiful since there were books on shelves inside the truck!

After roaming the parking lot, we decided to grab some food from the Big Red Bus food truck that was there. It was barely starting to sprinkle at that time. After ordering our food, Kristi and Cathy went to the library so Kristi could get a library card to borrow free e-books. While I was waiting for our food outside, it started to rain down hard! We had to try out best to protect our food while we waited for my dad to save us from the rain.

P9212018P9212019What a mess!

Food was still delicious though! And Pepsi Next was there giving out free sodas, so score!

Rested up and changed. After several hours, the rain cleared out, so we headed out once again. We made a very quick stop to see the location of the Infamous Dorothea Puente house. Cathy and Kristi wanted to check the place out after hearing about it on the news. So damn creepy how the owners decorated their house revolving around the serial killer. O_O

We stopped by Ginger Elizabeth for their macaron ice cream sandwiches. Cathy tried their frozen hot chocolate parfait, which just ended up tasting like regular chocolate ice cream. Kristi also bought a chocolate dipped macaron lollipop.


Kristi wanted to try out Temple Coffee & Tea, so that was our next stop. We sipped on Enlightenment Tea and Bliss Tea while we did some reading. Hipsters.

P9212024P9212026I love that they give you personal little teapots!

Their coffee table sketchbooks are always pretty neat to look through.

After that, we swung by Joann’s to purchase supplies. I bought material for my decorated bra and tutu. Kristi got some bandanas to make bow ties for her and Teresa’s outfits. Cathy ended up with some neat wall decals for her room. 🙂

Our last stop before heading home was the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I am starting to love that place despite initially thinking it was dumb that it looked like we had two Walmarts within walking distance of each other. (Actually, I still think it looks ridiculous!) We bought some groceries to make chicken pot pies! I found the recipe from my old co-worker sharing it on her Facebook wall, but I actually found it online [here].

This was to be our super late dinner. Kristi and I popped the pies in the oven before dropping Cathy off at a party. Once we got back, they were done and smelled absolutely delicious!

P9212029 P9212030Success!!

We also ended up making brownies too….

P9212031P9212032P9222033We transferred the mixture to three different pans because we didn’t know what size was best. >.>

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Initial plans to wake up early for U-Jam was a fail because Kristi and I stayed up late the night before working on our Beyond outfits. We ate leftover chicken pot pies for breakfast and then I dropped Kristi off in Downtown so she could take the bus back to Davis. I got back home and napped before working on my tutu. Surprisingly, it only took about an hour and a half to start and complete! After that, I went to go get ready as I was heading to Bay Point to see Adrian. 🙂

I went to the mall to look for some high waisted shorts as I waited for Adrian to get off work. He ended up getting permission to get off work about an hour early to meet up with me! So sweet. 😀

With about 10 minutes to closing, I found the perfect pair of high waisted shorts to wear this upcoming weekend. It is always good when you end up finding exactly what you want/need at the last second!

For dinner, we went to OK Cafe that Adrian had recently found out of about through his mom. Not sure if they place is new, but the food was good for the money!


We ended the night catching up on episodes of Suits. Woo! <444


6 thoughts on “Little Adventures (September 19 – September 22)

    • Hmm… Our eating adventures I think range around $20-$30. We typically share though and I think we end up going to dessert places more than “real food” locations, so I might be overestimating! Though… gas could be a beezy.


      • Ah yes. And the actual activity if it’s not free. It’s so cool that you have all day adventures though, just kick backs at a friend’s place at night. Usually I just have lunch or just have dinner with friends.


      • Yeah sounds expensive to hang out all day! I’ve done it before. Either you run out of things to do or money to spend, hahaha


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