Recent Happenings at Work

Last week, the rotation schedule had me at the first workstation, which meant I got to be the first to answer every phone call that hit the main line. Luckily, I got used to phone calls from being a floater, so the week went by pretty easily. Aside from that, work has been kind of crazy in general. We are losing our seasonal workers soon as their hours come to an end (their position allows them to only work a certain amount of hours maximum) and four people out of the nine of us working at IRC recently got hired elsewhere. It’s crazy that everyone is leaving all at once! Over the past two weeks, we’ve had two ice cream socials and a mini pizza party. One of the ice cream socials was supposedly mandatory and was located at the headquarters, which turned out include an ice breaker and a meeting/introduction of all the staff within the Clinical Operations branch. So, yeah… it’s been crazy. It’s nice seeing my co-workers move on up from their positions, but it also brings me mixed emotions. It has only been two months since I’ve worked with the state (a lot less than my co-workers have), so I probably shouldn’t be comparing myself so soon, but I can’t help it! But I know I should just be using these recent events as a motivation for myself. *nods*


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