Pokemon Battle Time!

About a week ago, Adrian and I walked through Gamestop and briefly discussed getting the new Pokemon X and Y games since they had been recently released. After several days of discussing the subject, we decided to go for it! So on Friday, I met up with Adrian after work and we went to Target together to make our purchase.


Adrian decided to get the black 3DS XL. Out of the available color choices, I decided to go for the pink and white 3DS XL.
IMG_7988IMG_7987Look at that pretty thing!

Just so we can trade with each other, Adrian said it would be good if we got different games. I ended up choosing Pokemon X.


I’ve only started playing a little of it yesterday and I’m enjoying it so far. The graphics are freaking beautiful and I love how there’s so many different things you can do. I only completely finished Pokemon Yellow when I was younger, so this is a huge difference for me. Not to mention, the 3DS experience is pretty awesome as well. That thing is like a little computer!

IMG_8006My history of handheld game consoles.

So, anyone want to battle? 😛


7 thoughts on “Pokemon Battle Time!

  1. Omg we have the same gaming history! hahaha. I had a yellow Game Boy Color too and only played Pokemon Blue. Then I got a white DS Lite and now I really want a 3DS or 3DS XL For the new Pokemon games ugh!


  2. You’re tempting me to get one. This post reminded me how much I had enjoyed playing Pokemon when I thought I wouldn’t. Ah memories of collage.


  3. Me and my girl did the same :D. But we’re only going to start playing it together on Tuesday…I’ve had both our copies since it came out. So hard to wait…;_; but I hear it’s so good…


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