102513-102713 Spookfest Weekend

Spookfest was last Friday night. After taking a nap after work and spending a really long time in front of the mirror with Kristi and Cathy getting ready, we finally left Elk Grove about 2 hours behind schedule. (Typical! :P)

PA252238Cathy and I successfully did our own eyeliner without Kristi’s help. First time! GO US!

Got to Adrian’s house and he was still working on his Mickey costume. He had just finished making his bow tie, so I helped him sew the circles on to his shorts. After everything was completed, we went to pick up Teresa.

The event had started at 0530PM, but we were still chilling in the the parking lot at 0945PM. Even at that hour, there was still quite a line to get in. Also, getting past security turned out to be a not so pleasant experience. Apparently the security guard tossed Cathy’s water canteen into the trash without saying anything else other than “it’s metal.” Pretty damn rude considering the fact that the FAQs page for the event stated that an empty reusable water bottle was allowed and mentioned nothing about prohibiting metal objects. >:[ We ended up going back through the line to grab the water canteen from the trash so we could put it in our car. I don’t understand why that wasn’t even an option in the first place.  -_-


imageGroup photo while waiting in line. Stolen from Kristi!

We bought general floor tickets, so we got experience the fanciness of the lower level of Oracle Arena. The bar/food area was pretty cool as tons of people hung around. Actually getting access to the floor also turned out to be a pain since there only appeared to be one way in. There were also security guards blocking access to the actual floor area, so we had to wait to be slowly let in.

Aside from all that, it was pretty fun joining the large crowd. Spookfest ended at 0100AM though, so the experience was certainly short lived.

PA252240PA252250I enjoyed trying to catch confetti throughout the night. 🙂

PA252254PA252255At one point, a spiderweb was passed through the crowd!

PA252258We were pretty much there for Sebastian Ingrosso, who was great!

Can you tell what our costumes are? 😛

PA262273We ended the night with Empire of the Sun.

I spent the next day with Adrian. Adrian and I grabbed lunch from Sweet Tomatoes, which I have grown to really enjoy. Yums!


After lunch, we just roamed around the mall for a bit. We then went back to Adrian’s house so he could get ready for work. After dropping Adrian off at work, I killed time by lounging around Starbucks and napping in the car. I picked up Cathy and Kristi from the BART station and we walked around Walnut Creek while we waited for Adrian to get off work. We ended up spending a large chunk of our time in Barnes and Noble.

PA262282PA262283So yeah… we got a bit too happy over the vinyl toys. The Funko POP! Vinyls were priced at $8.95 instead of the typical $12.95 price tag we were used to seeing!

Once Adrian got off work, we headed to Berkeley to grab a bite to eat. I wanted to try out Dan Sung Sa (aka Porno) after hearing Adrian rave about their food. The place had a unique atmosphere. The lighting was dark and the walls were plastered with movie posters that had entertaining writings on them. The four of us shared our food family style and got a taste of cheese corn, garlic chicken, seafood pancake, and mussel soup.

To kill some time, we ended up going to CREAM. The corner where CREAM was located was definitely the most lively at that hour.  After finishing up our ice cream sandwiches, I dropped Kristi and Cathy off at Teresa’s house where we surprised her with a blind box toy. Adrian and I then headed back to his house to spend our last night together.

On Sunday, I said goodbye to Adrian as he rushed off to work in the morning. I drove to Oakland all by myself to meet back up with Kristi and Cathy. We went eat at Champa Garden with Annie, Michelle, and Shirley. I struggled with walking on a full stomach after our meal. After resting for a bit, Kristi, Cathy, and I said our goodbyes and headed to Berkeley. Cathy really wanted to go to the North Face outlet, so we made it happen!

Shopping with Kristi is dangerous as she manages to convince me to buy things I don’t need. 😛 I ended up buying a new jacket for myself and a new backpack for Cathy. The money we saved was well worth the trip out to the outlet, so I guess there’s the upside to it all. Ha!

When we went to pick up Teresa from work, we found out she worked near Oaksterdam University (aka the weed school!). It was interesting because I remember watching MTV True Life and they had talked about the school. There was a security guard at the side door that walked people out of the building. I wonder why? Hmmmm….

We swung by Teresa’s grandma’s house before heading back to the Davis area. We decided to go to Ikea to eat and we managed to get there about an hour before Ikea closed.

PA272284Yummy Swedish meatballs!

I ended up leaving Ikea with a wall shelf I have yet to put up. I dropped Kristi and Teresa off in Davis and took me and Cathy back home.

Looking back, it does not seem like I did much over the weekend. But with all the driving in between the multiple cities, the weekend seriously fly by!


10 thoughts on “102513-102713 Spookfest Weekend

  1. It sounds like you did so much and had a super fun weekend!

    Yours & Adrian’s costumes are SO CUTE. As a Disney fanatic, I was like throwing thumbs-ups at the computer screen. XD.

    ALSO THOSE FUNKO VINYLS ARE SO CUTE THEY WERE ON SALE AT B&N?? (I am just discovering how MANY of these there are, and I may be obsessed, thanks a lot Karen I’m gonna go broke :P)


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