Kirby Cove

Philip invited me to go on a little hike/photo adventure to Kirby Cove with him and Ada. Because I enjoyed my first hike so much, I was definitely down to go again. However, I don’t like going alone, so I asked Alex, Cathy, Henry, and Kristi to come along with. The entire trip turned out to be quite enjoyable and refreshing. ๐Ÿ™‚

After picking up Kristi and Alex from Davis, we arrived in SF around 0230PM to meet up with Henry. We were to meet Philip and Ada at Battery Spencerย by 0345PM, so we had to grab something to eat quickly. Henry suggested Gordo, so we ended up getting some tasty burritos!


While at Gordo, there was a pigeon that kept walking around looking for food. It was there during our entire stay!


After our quick bite, we managed to get to Battery Spencer on time. However, parking was beezy since it was limited. Another car forced themselves into our parking spot because they were dumb enough to let another person take theirs. -_- Luckily, Philip and Ada found another parking lot with more parking spaces and directed us there.

Our initial hike up to Battery Spencer left me a little breathless, but it only got easier from there. We had a beautiful overview of the Golden Gate bridge from that viewpoint.


At Battery Spencer, I noticed some love locks locked onto the railing! I wonder if there will be more people add locks over the years. Hmm…


After taking some touristy photos, we ventured down to Kirby Cove. We ended up spending an hour or so just chilling on the beach as we enjoyed the view and waited for the sun to set. We got a different perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge from there, which was just as gorgeous!


After waiting quite a bit, the colors from the sunset finally started to appear.


I also managed to get some beautiful shots of Kristi. ๐Ÿ˜›


After getting the photos we wanted, we hiked back up to Battery Spencer for some night shots of the bridge. Surprisingly, there seemed to be more people hanging out at Battery Spencer in the dark.


For dinner, we warmed our tummies with some pho from PPQ. It wasn’t the most flavorful, but it did its job in satisfying my hunger.


For dessert, we went to Honeyberry. We bumped into Jennifer on the streets and she suggested getting roti buns, so Cathy and I tried an original one. On the storefront window, they advertise that their roti buns are baked fresh every 15 minutes, so it was great getting something fresh and warm after ordering it.


Henry ordered Honeyberry’s version of brick toast for us to share. It came with green tea ice cream and tasted quite yummy in addition to looking so pretty!



We called it a night after that. The day ended earlier than our usual hangout times, but it was a full day filled with adventures. I’m thinking our group needs to go hiking together again sometime soon. ;D


12 thoughts on “Kirby Cove

  1. Oh danggg, Gordo’s and PPQ and Honeyberry in the same day? Jealous! I tried the Honeyberry in Berkeley but their boba was nasty. And I finally had brick toast a couple weeks ago, but it was nothing compared to yours LOL.


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