Alamere Falls and Nighttime Photo Adventures

Last Saturday, Adrian and I went hiking again! We went with Hieu, Philip, Vince, Ada, and Ada’s group of friends. Our destination this time was Alamere Falls.

Adrian and I were afraid we would be late again. We were late by about 10 or so minutes to meet up with Hieu, but our car (Hieu, Vince, Adrian, and I) turned out to be the first car to meet at the trailhead. Phew! 😛


Despite it being about 8 miles round trip, the hike itself was pretty easy. I was not a fan of seeing rocks after Mt Tallac, but this trail was nothing close to it. There were some narrow areas that had my slight fear of heights kick in though. I was definitely afraid to get close to the edge since we were so high up! We also had to cross through an unmaintained trail to lead us to our final destination. However, the absolute hardest part was climbing down the cliff to get to the beach and large water fall. Well worth it though! Adrian actually had to half carry me to help me down since I was afraid of slipping. Ha! 🙂


The cliff we had to climb down was certainly no joke. Can you tell where our path was?


But, check out the beautiful beach and water fall we got to see!

ÀÔ¼[z~ÍN_Þc²÷P´±¯Þëò¿Fã]ºøâa|'\Óo¬Döæã%¼À:2ëÅ·å¾F3!!t.iÍ&¿Y`d±hª+ÆÇü¾9Ah8Èä­¬èwÀÛ,ko,­ë-ÈU#Ôö~`qå²iëÞL±ÕµÂ«LªáqĪ7COtÿeÈLâÍu[ÒæÇ«n­ÂÚî1Ä9ì»ö!s&2(QÚµ¸b)@º±Kªúª§Ã ;RgS(Ì+Å]$¸àIVFéÂÿbÙ)â´·SnFèEIZæmûj;­>±&f¶©-ªzCWÈÅÒí¾(V½£¢w n½Aà%¸mVäs1iТï©E§6ö¿èæ%$ÙY÷í^øÅ%HPB092323PB092343PB092331PB092342PB092337PB092340PB092339

Our group were the last ones there as we intended to stay for the sunset. It unfortunately did not last too long by the time we got there, but it was still worthwhile nonetheless.


On our hike back, we were in the dark. But, we got smart and almost all had flashlights on us this time! We also did headcounts to make sure everyone was with us. It felt relatively safe as a large group of 10. At some points, we even tried turning out our lights to see how dark it was for Hieu when he was by himself. Being in the dark is definitely not the business!

Once we made it back to our cars, we decided to go to Mel’s Diner for dinner.


After dinner, Ada’s friends went home while the rest of us went on a nighttime photo adventure. Our first stop was the Palace of Fine Arts. While we were there, we met a photography teacher from San Jose State that was there with his daughters and his brother. We had an interesting chat with him as he showed us his camera and told us about what he did.


We ended the night by going to Treasure Island for some shots of the Bay Bridge. 🙂



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