New Phone + Day Off

Monday, November 11, 2013

After discussing with Cathy the possibility of upgrading our phones and spending hours finding more information about the phone plans T-Mobile had to offer, Cathy and I set out to go to the T-Mobile store Monday morning.

For my second smartphone ever, I decided to go with the HTC One while Cathy chose the Samsung Galaxy S4.

IMG_8188What a beauty!

I did not get much time to play with the phone as I had made plans to meet up with Adrian. I dropped Cathy off at home and headed straight to Bay Point. Since Adrian had the same phone, I was able to get a screen protector and a temporary phone case from him, so my phone could feel safe. Yay!

It was getting late by the time we headed out, so we decided to go eat first. Yelped around and stumbled upon Wok Star Express. It’s a nice little HK cafe located in Milpitas. Adrian and I love baked rice dishes so we were thrilled to see some on the menu!

2013-11-11 16.59.26

I got full quickly and only managed to eat about half my dish. The owner lady noticed and thought I didn’t enjoy the food or something. She told us to wait after our check and brought out shaved ice to us… for free! 

2013-11-11 17.22.12


We also got free bowls of corn soup brought out to us during our main meal. We definitely tipped them well for their services. The owner lady chatted us up and told us that mostly families visited the restaurant, so I’m glad we got to find this place. 🙂

After our meal, Adrian and I walked around Great Mall. We were considering going to Dave and Busters but decided to save it for the 1/2 price games day on Wednesdays. We did a little shopping before heading back to Concord to go to the gym. Afterwards, we went back to Adrian’s house to (attempt to) help him with his homework before time ran out.

It was a day well spent!


10 thoughts on “New Phone + Day Off

  1. Oooh that’s really nice! Also, I’ve never ever had a baked rice dish but I’m super curious now. Didn’t even know that was a thing!


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