A Taste of NDE PTA Auction + Foodie Hangouts

Last Saturday, I signed up to do community service in Davis with Alex and Kristi. I brought Cathy along for the ride and she ended up doing homework while she waited for us. Alex, Kristi, and I were helping out at an auction for North Davis Elementary. Kristi’s little, Sam, and Alex’s little, Coleen, were there as well.

The service event wasn’t too bad. We spent the first hour not really doing much aside for checking that pens were working. I paired up with Kristi and we had to try to sell one of the auction games that were happening that night. (We had no idea we signed up to hustle people! T_T) We were in charge of “52 Card Draw,” where each card was worth $20 a piece and was part of a drawing to win 2 airline tickets/a large value of Southwest points. I swear all I got were rejections and it only reminded me of my 9th grade English assignment where my teacher told the class that not everyone can be a salesperson (aka me). Irrelevant since it was about a presentation he failed me on, but that was the main thought ringing in my head all night. Lalala…

Anyways, enjoy the photos!

IMG_8139I really liked this painting of the school!

IMG_8128IMG_8129Pretty food we weren’t invited to eat!

IMG_8130IMG_8132IMG_8135IMG_8136Some pretty neat artwork created by the children.

IMG_8140Umm… yeah! >.>

IMG_8134IMG_8133IMG_8142IMG_8143IMG_8147IMG_8150IMG_8154Hard at work and lots of love!

The service event ended at 0800PM and we were starving by then. Cathy came back to meet up with us and us (Alex, Coleen, Kristi, and I) headed to Sacramento to eat. I really wanted to try Vampire Penguin since it was the new shaved snow shop that opened up. Even though we were hungry and needed real food, we ended up grabbing dessertย from Vampire Penguin first since it was closing at 0900PM. No regrets!

IMG_8155Their logo is SUPER cute! Even the people working there wear cute little orange bow ties. ๐Ÿ™‚

The 5 of us shared two small portions of the snow. At $3 a pop with one free topping, it’s such a good deal!

IMG_8157Lychee snow with condensed milk and strawberries. Bomb!

IMG_8158Taro snow and condensed milk. Bomb again!

Yeah. I’m pretty much in love with the place. No need for me to drive all the way to Dublin now to satisfy my craving! ๐Ÿ˜€

For dinner, we got our hands dirty and ate at Boiling Crab. ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-11-16 21.51.24Stole the group selfie from Cathy!

After dropping Coleen off at her apartment, the rest of us ended up swinging by Teabo for some drinks. We had some random fun blowing down our empty cups while we were there.

The video was created through HTC One’s Zoe feature. Daily albums are recapped in a form of a video synced with music!

Even though we were driving in circles by going to Davis, then to Sac, back to Davis, then back to Elk Grove… it was well worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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