Life Updates!

I have so many blogs I want to write up, but life has been a little hectic lately. I am trying to find a new balance amongst work, gym, and school. Lately, I have been spending most of my free time on Netflix. (I only just hopped on the Netflix wagon last month and am enjoying every bit of it!)ย So what exactly have I been up to since I last blogged? Well, let’s see!

Back in December, I had an interview for another department as an Office Assistant. When I left the interview, the interviewer who walked me out told me I did so well that she nearly got goosebumps because she thought they finally found someone who could do the job. Ha! (It actually started off with me being a nervous wreck, but I guess the panel liked my answers to their questions. :D) When I got back to work that day, I realized that my list eligibility as an Office Assistant expired the next day. After writing up my thank you e-mail to the interviewers and stating the fact, I ended up getting a job offer hours later. It was insane! Working with a major time crunch, I decided to go for it. Sure I could have stayed around at the IRC for a little longer until I found a higher position, but this also seemed like a good opportunity. My goal was to land a permanent position before the year ended and somehow it actually happened! I just started working at Cal OES two weeks ago and I’m still adjusting to the new work environment. It’s definitely a change of pace from what I have been used to, but it could be a good thing.


Early January, I joined Bikram Yoga Elk Grove. Anna had suggested it to me and I am glad I started practicing. After getting over the fear of being stuck in a very hot room for 90 minutes, I have been enjoying it ever since. Not sure about all the benefits that come with practicing bikram yoga since I just recently survived my first month, but it is pretty nice having that time to focus on myself. It has been something that I have been needing.


Aside from that, I also started taking classes again at my local community college. I guess I was going through a quarter life crisis or something one day, so I made a plan to pursue classes in business admin and actually went for it. I am currently taking one night class and two online classes that I am finding to be a little difficult trying to juggle. I have never taken online classes before, so it is huge a test for me.

Enough about me though. I hope everyone else’s year is starting off well!


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