Nailed It!

Last Thursday, I had an interview for an Office Assistant position at another department. Even though it was for  the same job title as the one I am holding now, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go since interview experience is always good to have.

So, the night before the interview, I went through the same process I usually did each time I had an interview; I spent about 2 hours dissecting the duty statement for my strengths and then browsed through the department’s website to find out more information about what they did. I took a lot of summary notes about their programs and conjured up a list of possible questions to ask.

At the interview, I started off a bit nervous. My speaking sped up and I barely gave myself time to breathe. Luckily for me though, the interview panel was very friendly. One interviewer paused to tell me to relax and even jokingly told me that they didn’t bite. After that, I got more comfortable and was even able to joke back a little. As we proceeded through the interview, the panel seemed impressed that I actually did my research on what the branch did. I ended up learning more and I found the idea of working there very intriguing. 

At the end of the interview, I presented the panel a small packet of work samples and explained what I was handing to them. My current supervisor told me that she did this with her interviews and she got good results from it, so I decided to give it a try. And as I showed them, the panel seemed to like it!

I am not entirely sure whether I just happened to gain more experience over the past 4 months or I magically managed to give the right answers to the questions asked, but as one interviewer walked me out, she told me I did really good and that I nearly gave her goosebumps because she thought they finally found someone who could do the job.

Hoping for the best!


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