022614 Adrian’s Visit

I couldn’t visit Adrian as planned last weekend, so Adrian came to visit me on Wednesday. We ended up eating dinner at home instead of going out, which turned out quite lovely. 🙂

IMG_9084IMG_9093IMG_9098Skateboard = good table!

IMG_9092My mom got introduced to the Talking Tom app. She’s hooked! o_o

Earlier in the week, I ordered a Globe Bantam cruiser board for Cathy since it seemed like she was interested in skating. It would also give me a chance to practice skating more, so I was thrilled. Her pink board arrived the other day, so we can start going on weekends now! 😀

IMG_9086Globe Bantam fam! Me, Cathy, and Adrian’s boards.

After dinner, Cathy and I ended up building Legos. It was actually one of the sets that Adrian bought when we were in Disneyland. When I told him I never built a Legos set before, he decided to let Cathy and I build all of it. Ha! Turned out to be pretty fun though. 🙂


And the results…!


After the Legos set was built, Adrian and I went to Savory Fried Chicken to grab a late bite to eat. I had a craving for their gulaman and sago and that craving was definitely satisfied! We swung by Wal-Mart afterwards to pick up some things, then went back to my house where I helped Adrian with his paperwork and he helped me hang up the art piece he created for me this past Christmas. 🙂



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