030114 Davis Hangout + Visiting Adrian

Woke up a lot later from my nap than intended, so Cathy and I didn’t end up in Davis until 0400PM. After picking up Alex and Kristi, we went to eat at Jacks Urban Eats.


We swung by U-Mall to buy Girl Scout cookies from a tent that was set up. Alex ended up walking away with a cardboard box filled with boxes of cookies. Ha!

After ย buying cookies, we swung by MUGA to play some games.

P3012561P3012563Cathy and I did terrible ย at air hockey. The champs played each other and Kristi won in the end! (Yes, Alex was playing while he was on his phone. -_-)

P3012567Oh hai!

P3012568We played several rounds of Photo Hunt. On one of our games, we reached 300k points, but it just wasn’t enough to get us on the scoreboard. SO CLOSE! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

P3012570Also played some basketball! Alex ended up with the most points out of the 4 of us.

Around 0630PM, I dropped the 3 of them off at Alex’s apartment then headed to meet up with Adrian. Once Adrian got off work, we decided to walk around the mall until closing. At Teavana, we got hooked up with free drinks. I didn’t even know Teavana sold drinks!


For dinner, we ordered black bean sauce noodles and spicy chicken wings from Pollo Polloย and brought them back to Adrian’s house. Caught up on some HIMYM episodes while eating delicious food = the best!

P3012575-2P3012576Love this place! โค

Ended up leaving Adrian’s house sometime before 1200AM. Went to pick up Alex, Cathy, and Kristi from Teabo. Dropped Alex and Kristi off at home and didn’t get home until nearly 0200AM. Woo!


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