030214 Power Outage

Around 0600PM, the power went out for a good half an hour or so. The strange thing was our cell phones stopped working as well. Once power came back on, I went on Twitter and saw the updates about what happened. Social media sure is speedy!

IMG_9151IMG_9144Cathy and I finally took the time to take down our Christmas tree. Late much?! XD

IMG_9148Candles all around.

IMG_9152Mother was thrilled that she was still able to play with Talking Tom. Hahah!

IMG_9153Dad took a nap.

Now that that is all over. I suppose I should really get started on my paper now since it’s due in 4 hours. Zzz….


9 thoughts on “030214 Power Outage

  1. Haha wait I just took our tree down yesterday, too. I was so sure we were the last ones XD

    Why’d your phones all go out too??


  2. Power outage happened a few times here also. Our lives are so dependent on electricity nowadays. It’s hard to imagine without it. Our smart phones will die without electricity, and how do we let time go by without this basic need?


  3. Oh, those were so fun and exciting when we were kids. Now without electricity and the internet even for a short amount of time, our lives seem to be so different in a negative way. It’s too bad it has to be that way but the way things are now is so convenient so I’m not complaining! Plus, with the help of the internet, I made amazing friends like you Karen! ❤


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