032114-032314 Cathy’s 21st Birthday Adventures (Seattle Edition)

For Cathy’s 21st birthday, she wanted to go to Seattle. So, I was like, “sure! Why not?!” We also decided to road trip to Vancouver and Portland too since we would be in the area. After spending loads of time mapping out our locations, we were finally ready to go. Pretty insane to think we could tackle all three cities within 3 days though. HA! 😛

Our adventure started out Thursday night. After dropping off Adrian’s friend in Davis, we (Adrian, Cathy, and I) headed to Adrian’s house so he could finish packing. We were pretty behind our intended schedule, so Cathy suggested we just go straight to the airport instead of sleeping over at Teresa’s house. It turned out to be an interesting night.

We grabbed Teresa and headed to Expresso Airport Parking, which is the offsite airport parking I like using. It was like 0100AM!


After waiting nearly an hour for the shuttle due to some confusion with the shuttle driver, we got to the airport around 0200AM, only to find out everything was closed. (Womp womp womp!) However, there was another person waiting at the airport already, in addition to some security and custodians roaming around. We found out the airport didn’t open up again until 0430AM, so we ended up trying to sleep on the benches (indoors luckily) that still turned out to be pretty cold.


Around 0415AM, the airport security lines had opened up and we were sadly not the first ones in line despite being one of the first ones there!


We boarded our plane at 0630AM and arrived in Seattle around 0800AM. Picked up our rental car and headed to Beth’s Cafe for breakfast. Beth’s Cafe is known for their massive omlettes and so we knew we had to try it!

IMG_9175The walls were plastered with crayon drawn artwork.

Each menu had a unique cover of their own.

Somehow surviving with little sleep!

The Southwestern omelette. A twelve egg omelette. Yes… TWELVE. We almost finished it!

We were supposed to hike afterwards, but the weather turned out to be a little too cold for us. Instead, we took up JoAnn’s suggestion and went to check out University of Washington’s campus instead. JoAnn told us about the cherry blossoms blooming in the quad that would be a nice photo op.

IMG_9181Pure confusion for us. So many stoplights!

One of the many entertaining signs we saw on our trip.

We were pretty much in awe once we reached University of Washington’s campus. All the buildings looked like castles! SO BEAUTIFUL!


We eventually did find the cherry blossoms. Even though it was a Friday, the quad was swarming with families and groups of people taking photos. We had to take some photos as well, of course!


While trying to find our way to the library…

IMG_9214Can you see it?

Eventually, we found our way! We ended up walking through the back(?) first, so we didn’t know how the building actually looked like. JoAnn said the library was like something out of Harry Potter and it certainly did look and feel magical!


Once we walked through the building, there was this huge open area…


…and then we turned around.


Paccar Hall was a bit more modern. I just loved how all the large windows let in the natural light.


Visiting a college campus probably isn’t a typical tourist spot, but I’m glad we went. It really was beautiful!

Afterwards, we went to Carol/JoAnn/Joe’s family’s house to rest. The 4 of us just totally KOed. Even with Kristi’s flight delayed, we still managed to wake up late. Eep! So Kristi had to wait for us at the airport for a bit while we woke ourselves up.

After picking up Kristi, we headed towards Columbia Center. For $9 (student price), we got to see a beautiful overview of Seattle.


Another gorgeous building we had walked by was the Seattle Public Library.

IMG_9263So shiny and beautiful!

We went over to Pike Place Market afterwards, only to find out the market closed around 0600PM. Unfortunately, we had to miss out on trying all the yummy foods at the market. But, luckily, we still got to check out the gum wall and the very first Starbucks.


Since it was getting late, we decided to cut our activities a little short. We stopped by Target to buy some snacks for our road trip, then headed to Bellevue to go eat at Din Tai Fung. It was about an hour wait to get seated! Luckily, they use the texting system, so we were able to roam around while we waited.


The whole experience at Din Tai Fung was interesting to see just because the place was felt Americanized. It was like eating high class dim sum or something! Food was a little pricey, but the soup dumplings were DELICIOUS!

After dinner, we headed back to Carol/JoAnn/Joe’s place to rest a little. While Cathy napped, Adrian, Kristi, Teresa, and I sneakily all signed her birthday card and moved her birthday present into hiding. Around 1130PM, we headed out for Snoqualmie Casino. Carol, JoAnn and Phil also joined us!

We got to the casino a little before a midnight, so we counted down the minutes before Cathy turned 21. Once it hit 1200AM, Cathy was able to legally go gamble and drink. WOOHOO! 😛

2014-03-22 00.20.44 - CopyCathy’s first legal drink thanks to Carol!

While Adrian went to play Blackjack, the rest of us went to play penny slots. Cathy and Kristi ended up with a couple bucks in winnings, so they cashed that out while they were ahead. 😛

We only stayed at the casino for about an hour, but I think it was a good little turnout! When we walked back to the car, Kristi and Teresa gave Cathy her birthday present. It was a kangaroo onesie that she wanted. 😀


I still can’t believe my baby sister turned 21!


To be continued.


18 thoughts on “032114-032314 Cathy’s 21st Birthday Adventures (Seattle Edition)

  1. The trip sounds so great!! Glad you guys were able to celebrate Cathy’s 21st in such a fun way. (Also that omelette is unreal XD)


  2. Hehe love the kangaroo onesie pic. So cute XD Happy birthday Karen’s little sister!

    The school campus looks amazing. Gave me goosebumps while scrolling down as if I was there as well, haha.


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