032114-032314 Cathy’s 21st Birthday Adventures (Vancouver Edition)

Our visit to Vancouver was a short one as we didn’t arrive in Vancouver until about 0300PM on Saturday. Before we had headed out on our trip, I freaked out because my GPS did not include Canadian maps. I was going to use a Nokia Lumia 521 to navigate us, but found out that navigation was not included for free! (Nokia usually lets you use their navigation offline for free, but I guess it’s only for the maps that are originally included on your phone.) Luckily, my T-Mobile plan includes international roaming so we were saved! And despite being told by T-Mobile reps that I’d be receiving 2G speeds in Canada, the data speeds turned out to be much faster. SWEET!

IMG_9302IMG_9303IMG_9304Our car!

IMG_9307Crossing the border.

Once we crossed the border, we were greeted by rain! And we were quite confused when the speed limit signs started showing km/h instead of mph. What was more confusing was when we saw the flashing green stoplights. Why do they flash?!

After meeting up with Kristi’s friend, our first stop in Vancouver was Nando’s Chicken. Cathy and I tried Nando’s years ago in Australia and I guess she’s been craving their chicken ever since. 😛


We made the mistake of ordering mostly wings, which was burnt tasting for the most part. Their 1/2 chicken was much more flavorful, which I wish we had more of! We had some sides of coleslaw and mashed potatoes that were good though. 🙂

Kristi’s friend left and we proceeded to walk over to Tim Hortons. We were still pretty full, so we just opted to share a 10-pack Timbits for $2. Didn’t really know what they were, but turned out to be a bunch of different flavored donut holes. Pretty cheap for what you get and it wasn’t overly sweet. Adrian, Cathy, Kristi, Teresa, and I took turns choosing random flavors from the box to try.


Afterwards, we decided to brace the cold and to check out Granville Island. Reviews had said the place is like a less crowded version of Pike Place Market in Seattle.  We actually found ourselves in the gigantic toy store for most of our visit there, so we didn’t even walk to the market area.

IMG_9317IMG_9318IMG_9319Being tourists!

2014-03-22 18.05.13-2We found a boat! 😛

With our time ticking away, we had to make some sacrifices since we had decided to drive to Portland the same day. (A crazy tiring trip, we know!) We were told that Chinese food was amazing in Vancouver, but with our limited time, we decided to settle for just getting boba instead. We ended up at Dragon Ball Tea House and I was blown away by the deliciousness! The boba had the perfect chewy texture and was amazingly sweet.  It has made me disappointed by the boba I’ve been getting back at home. SAD DAYS!


Our last stop was Safeway. (HAHA! Of all places, right?!) We had to get our hands on some ketchup chips since none of us had tried it before. Verdict? I loved them! (But then again, I also love ketchup!) It had a tangy flavor that reminded me of Lay’s limon chips. We only bought one big bag for all of us to share and I regret it so much! Though, it probably would not have fit in our luggage to take back home anyways. 😥



Before officially leaving, we tried our best to try some poutine fries, but the places we went to were already closed. I’d really like to go back to Vancouver to visit all the places we couldn’t go to. Someday! 🙂


To be continued.


8 thoughts on “032114-032314 Cathy’s 21st Birthday Adventures (Vancouver Edition)

  1. I loved my trip to Vancouver. If you go again, you must go to the Richmond night market! It’s an outdoor night food stand and market place. Really bustling, fun, lots of great foods and smells, crowded as hell but not dangerous or shady.


  2. Oooh, I’ll make a note of some of these places! I’m going to be taking a short trip to Vancouver in a few months and I don’t know where I should go yet! Ketchup chips, will definitely check those out! (Also, we have a couple of Nando’s in the DC area if you need more incentive to come visit :D)


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