032114-032314 Cathy’s 21st Birthday Adventures (Portland Edition)

After driving for about 5 hours, we finally arrived in Portland around 0200AM. My cousin Lung was kind enough to let us stay at his house for the night and even let us take over his room!

We woke up later in the morning and went to Radar to grab brunch. I had read around the internets that Portland is huge on brunch. Cousin Lung works as a chef at Radar, so Cathy and I really wanted to check it out.

IMG_9331Restaurant looked super hip! Small seating area, but our group was lucky enough to snag one of the large tables upon arrival.

IMG_9328A glimpse of the menu.

After we ordered our food, Kristi had us all trying the Flappy Fish game on her phone. Adrian was still hooked on playing the Don’t Step the White Tile game. Who needs human interaction? 😛

While we were still waiting for our food, the waitress brought out Swedish Pancakes to us on the house.

IMG_9337IMG_9339The Swedish Pancakes were like a moist crepe topped with berries. It was tasty and lightweight, so our appetites were not spoiled for our real meals ahead. 🙂

IMG_9342My order of Croque Madame happily filled up the rest of my tummy. 😀

Cousin Lung ended up paying for our bill, which was super sweet! We still left a large tip on the table though. The food was good!


Our next stop was Voodoo Doughnut. Cousin Lung tipped us off to go to the less touristy location, but we still ended up waiting around half an hour before we got to place an order. We ended up getting a lot more than we could actually eat. The donuts were good, but a little too sweet in my opinion. Still worth a visit though! The unique names and combinations were quite interesting.


And we had to take some touristy photos too of course!


After these photos, we ended up locking our keys in our rental car. T_T We ended up staying at Voodoo Doughnut for an extra half hour or so while we had to wait for the locksmith to come help us out. The guy managed to use his tools and get into our car within a couple minutes. AMAZING!

We then proceeded to spend the rest of our short time in Portland at the Nike Factory Outlet. No sales tax made everything extra tempting!

Afterwards, Adrian and I got dropped off at the airport as we were ended our mini vacation a day earlier than Cathy, Kristi, and Teresa. I was a little sad looking back on my list of things I wanted to do and not being able to accomplish all of them. Trying to fully tackle three different cities with enough rest within three days was pretty impossible. However, we went to a decent amount of places, which made the trip worthwhile. I definitely would like to see more of Portland sometime. 🙂

Until next time!


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