051014 Kristi’s Birthday Adventure

Kristi turned 22 this year and the group of us decided to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. Kristi told me to surprise her with whatever we were doing that day, so I tried my best! With the help of Alex and Cynthia, we were able to locate some yummy food places to try. 🙂

Cathy, Kristi, and I met up with Alex, Cynthia, and Henry in San Jose. Our first stop was the San Pedro Square Market to grab a bite to eat. It was my first time being there and I thought it was a really nice location. It was like a nice little indoor market/food court with an assortment of food to try.

We ended up ordering food from Little Chef Counter, which happened to serve poutine! What a pleasant surprise since we were unable to try it during our visit to Canada. Probably not the same, but still good!

IMG_9516This was the Earthquake Poutine. I wish it had more gravy, but it was still delicious. Cathy, Kristi and I shared this while Alex and Henry each had their own. Crazy!

IMG_9518We also tried the Little Chef Sliders.  This whole dish cost us $9. The meat was flavorful and it tasted really good, but I felt like it was a bit too small for the cost.

We then proceeded over to Treatbot for some ice cream. After taste testing their horchata flavor, Cathy and I remembered trying this place before when the truck was at the large SactoMoFo event! Was still a pleasant and tasty treat. 🙂

IMG_9520We got the thai tea and horchata flavor today. So flavorful and creamy!

After our tummies were happily filled, we went to our next location. This park was the main reason why we went to San Jose in the first place. We went to… Monopoly in the Park!


Thanks to Instagram, I was able to find out about this neat place. You can actually rent large game pieces and play a life size game, but it was pretty pricey when I checked their website. Luckily, we found free 30 minute parking nearby and was able to check out the park for some photo ops. 😀



After the park, we went to 85 Degree Bakery. Another first time for me as I wanted to know what the hype was about! We went to the San Jose location that recently opened up and the line was out the door. Luckily, we moved along pretty fast.

IMG_9536Cathy and I did our best to control ourselves. Buns for days!

Before leaving San Jose, we swung by Ten Ren for some tea. We asked for boba, but the guy making our drinks forgot to add them. He insisted we drink our tea so he could add our boba to it. It was an interesting interaction! More reasonable than anything since he did not want to waste the tea.

After leaving Ten Ren, we went to pick up Teresa in Oakland. Alex and Henry dropped off Cynthia at home and met up with us again. We all went to Ikaros for dinner. It was a small little Greek restaurant that felt all fancy and romantic. We got lucky and was able to get seated right away.

After ordering our food, Kristi opened the present that Cathy, Teresa, and I got for her.

IMG_9546IMG_9547We got her a padfolio engraved with her name for her future interviews! She said she was getting teary eyed once she saw it, so I am glad this year’s gift was a success. 🙂


Before parting ways, we took a stroll around Lake Merritt. Day well spent!


17 thoughts on “051014 Kristi’s Birthday Adventure

  1. I was about to cry my eyes out when I opened that thing! :p Thank you for planning such a wonderful day, especially since I wasn’t excited about turning 22! 🙂 ❤


  2. Awww! The padfolio is such a sweet gift!!

    You and Christine give me a special kind of FOMO, it’s like Cali FOMO where I wish the Bay Area was just transported to the East Coast 😛


  3. Yum! There is an 85 degrees down here in Southern California. I hear their taro bread is amazing but I’ve just tried their custard bun 🙂


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