062114 Surprise Adventure with Adrian

I woke up to a text from Adrian saying we weren’t going hiking anymore. He changed up the plans and told me to get to his house as early as possible. Surprised by the sudden changes, I was very excited to see what he had in store for us. I believe this was the very first time Adrian had ever planned out a day for the two of us! 😛 He did not tell me any of the locations we were going to, so I was fairly surprised throughout the day. 🙂

After getting to Adrian’s and getting ready together, he headed out to eat at Gangnam Cafe.


Adrian said he chose the place because they serve eggs benedict. Their most popular one is the crab benedict, which turned out to be delicious!


We also decided to try the corn cheese that included very sweet corn. The cheese was mozzarella, so it hardened after it cooled down, but it was still good. Despite being covered in cheese, it tasted so healthy since it was mixed in with bell peppers.


For our next stop, Adrian took us to the Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center of the Arts. It was pretty funny since before we had arrived, I was briefly telling Adrian how we should go to an art museum. Though the Bedford Gallery was not exactly that, it was still lovely! The Skull Show exhibit was on display during our visit. We got to see skulls in many different forms of media. Here were some of my favorites:


Before leaving the gallery, Adrian bought me this limited edition tote bag by Marcos LaFarga that caught my eye:


Next, Adrian took us the Gardens at Heather Farm. We got to walk around for a bit, but there was a wedding being held there, so we did not stick around. It was a very pretty view nonetheless!


Adrian had planned for a picnic at Heather Farm, but the garden did not have a great spot to plop down (nor was it open), so we headed over to the park. Before my arrival in the morning, Adrian had gone out to buy all the supplies for the picnic, including this super cool looking picnic basket. I was so impressed!


Unfortunately, we did not get to enjoy our picnic for long because a flock of geese surrounded us while we were enjoying our picnic. We were seriously surrounded by all sides!


After we decided to pack up and leave, the geese decided to leave the area as well. What gives?!

Anyways, since the last destination on Adrian’s grand plan was to eat dinner, we had some time to kill. We ended up watching 22 Jump Street, which was a hilarious movie. After leaving the theater, we got stuck inside the parking structure elevator for a minute or two. By the time we were able to call for help via the elevator button, the doors magically opened up again. Thank goodness!

And so we were able to make it to our last stop for the day: Ravioli’s Italian Market Place.  Apparently, they make their own pastas and sauces, so that was pretty cool! The food itself wasn’t too bad I thought. I wish the raviolis we ordered were more stuffed though, but maybe that’s just how they’re supposed to be? *shrugs*



Overall, I had a really great date with Adrian. It is not everyday that he surprises me like this and I appreciated all the work he put into it. Plus, all the places we went to were local places we had never been to before. So impressed! 🙂


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