062714-062914 Fun Weekend

On Friday, Cathy and I headed over to Cottage Pool for a dive in movie. I found out about the event through Sacramento365 and thought it sounded fun despite the pool being about half an hour away from home. The event was from 0700-1030PM and luckily the pool was not too cold when we got there. It cost $2.50 to swim and at 0900PM, the crew started to play the movie for the night: Despicable Me 2! Cathy and I were not the most prepared aside from having a blanket and a few snacks. It got cold at night, as I should have known! It was a pretty nice way to wind down for a Friday night though. I will have to see if there are any places closer to home that hosts dive in movies.


On Saturday, Adrian, Cathy, Kristi, Amanda, and I went to Sunsplash’s Nite Slide session. We got to Sunsplash at 0500PM and a long line was already forming to buy tickets. Though the water park seemed crowded, we managed to get on tons of rides while skipping the ones that looked too scary. We were worried about the water being too cold at night, but it was still manageable. The wave pool’s temperature was adjusted to be warmer towards the end of  the night and we had tons of fun attempting to bodysurf on the waves. We stayed for 4-5 hours and it was great!


We ended the night with a late night dinner at Arigato Sushi. Thank goodness the restaurant did not close until midnight!

UntitledThe dinner bento box + 3 sushi rolls turned out to be the perfect amount of food for Adrian, Cathy, and I to share!

On Sunday, Cathy and I woke up “early” and headed to Davis. Alex, Cathy, Kristi, and I had a Groupon for Kart Extreme to use. While watching people drive around, we got pretty scared since they drove so fast. Even the little kids in their own karts were zipping around the track like it was nothing.


After we got an explanation of what to do, we suited up and were on our way. We ended up just doing two 10 minute sessions and I thought it was pretty fun! My kart stalled a couple times from slowing down too much, so that was a little embarrassing. The owner had to run over and help restart my engine whenever that happened. I wasn’t going fast enough apparently even though I felt like I was going pretty fast! Our second session definitely went better than the first since we had the track mostly to ourselves. I would totally go again!



After go kart racing, we went bowling and swimming. It was definitely a fun packed weekend! 🙂


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