070414 Fourth of July with Adrian

This year, Adrian and I decided to go to Martinez to watch the city’s fireworks display. After we ate at Seoul Jung for AYCE KBBQ, we headed over to Shoreline Park.


We arrived around 0600PM, but many people were already there with their spots picked out. People had their barbecues going, people were playing volleyball, and some people even pitched up tents. There was also a guy rolling around a cart selling snacks and shaved ice. When it got darker, there was a family selling glow sticks. It was really great seeing the community gather together!


I recently bought a new picnic blanket and I was excited to use it for this occasion. Adrian and I relaxed for the next 3 hours while we waited for nightfall. I had fun people watching. (The kids around us were quite entertaining!) Adrian and I are currently addicted to a game called Disney Tsum Tsum and was playing that for a good amount of time as well.

2014-07-04 07.02.07 1IMG_0152

More people showed up and the park got pretty full.


It finally got darker and the flashy LED lights and glow sticks came out.


Once the fireworks show started, I was entertained by the conversations happening around us. We had families guessing which colors would show up next, a kid asking his dad about the speed of light and sound, kids shouting “go now!” for when would be the best time to take the next photo for the fireworks. And one of the best lines we heard that night was “I don’t want you spending the whole time watching the show through a screen.” Damn good advice. 🙂



17 thoughts on “070414 Fourth of July with Adrian

  1. You guys with your fancy picnic basket and fancy picnic blanket. Too much, too cute 😛 I hope I see lots of picnic posts!


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