090814 Adrian’s 24th Birthday

For Adrian’s birthday this year, we kept it super simple. He had class until late at night, so I did not get to see him until after 0900PM.  Once he gave me the signal to head over to his apartment, I stopped by Cheesecake Factory to pick up a slice of tiramisu cheesecake for him.

2014-09-15 11.06.22 1

Since I was helping him partially pay for his choice of a tablet/laptop for his birthday gift this year, he was not expecting anything else. However, I do not like showing up empty handed, so I gave him a small gift anyways. 😛

2014-09-15 11.04.28 12014-09-15 11.04.55 12014-09-15 11.05.28 12014-09-15 11.05.44 12014-09-15 11.06.01 1


I got him a camera hand strap, which he has been wanting to try using for a while. Though this year was not as grand as the last, I hope Adrian still enjoyed the small gestures. 🙂

Happy 24th, love! <444


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