123014 SF Visit + Facebook Campus

I took a Tuesday off work during the holidays and decided to go have some fun. So, my day started off with Cathy and I picking up Nicole prior to heading to SF.

Nicole wanted to check out The Mill, so we parked at Japantown and walked the mile over. When we went in, the three of us felt like we were instantly in Portland again. Total hipster vibes.

We were mainly at The Mill to try their toast, but Nicole ordered us hot chocolates to try too. For the most part, the nearly $4 pieces of toast were not worth the money and the hot chocolate was a bit bitter for our liking. They made great shots for photos though. Ha! 😛


Though I didn’t take many photos of their decor, I did love these lights.


The next couple of photos are from Nicole. 😀


Cathy caught us in action!


Afterwards, we decided to take Lyft back to Japantown since the wind had picked up. Our driver was a security guard from Vallejo who babysat a building. He was driving around SF because he had picked up carpoolers along the way in the morning. I thought that was interesting!

Nicole introduced Cathy and me to Mitarashi Dango, which is a mochi covered in sweet soy sauce. We also shared some curry, which we considered our “real” food for the day. She also introduced us to cute fish-shaped pastries, but I forgot to take a photo. 😦


Selfie courtesy of Cathy.


Here are some other selfies we took courtesy of Nicole.


…and of course, we took Instax photos! 😀


We were only in SF for about 3 hours before we had to drop Nicole off at her appointment. Then, Cathy and I proceeded to hit up the Facebook campus in Menlo Park where we visited my Little Bro Henry and our friend Jon.


Henry showed us around and one of our initial stops was at Instagram.


We had a lot of fun checking out their Gravity Office where we tried out several different poses.


Cathy and I also got to sit in a napping pod! Man I wish these existed at work.


Facebook felt like a college campus but with free snacks and food! I loved all the wall decor in the different office buildings. I mostly loved the graffiti and Lego walls.


Their conference rooms all had funky names.


Henry showed us Oculus Rift where Cathy and I rode on a virtual roller coaster and Henry went through different rooms filled with creepy stuff.


We played some rounds of Mario Kart in their arcade.


We met up with Jon for dinner on campus and we had Sloppy Joes, truffle fries, and some other yummy goodness!


Cathy and I stayed there until around 0900PM. Though we were only walking around back and forth between buildings a lot, it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was great seeing how a tech company was like since working for the State is so different. Thank you Henry and Jon for having us!


On our way out, we saw this:


It was most certainly a jam packed day of fun. 😀


2 thoughts on “123014 SF Visit + Facebook Campus

  1. Oooooh it looks so fun!!! Man, makes me wish I had mad skillz and could work for a baller tech company, too! Working for a publicly-funded institution is definitely very different…


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