Hello 2015

2014 had been quite a year for me. To sum things up:

  • I started working at the department that I am still currently working for.
  • I got past my irrational fears and tried out bikram yoga.
  • I had set out to travel more and I did exactly that thanks to my friends and family. I traveled to Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Chicago, in addition to driving around to explore surrounding cities.
  • I got to go to Disneyland more than once.
  • I made the switch from PC and Android to Apple.
  • My long term relationship with Adrian unexpectedly came to an end.
  • I turned 25.

For the most part, 2014 had been a good year. It flew by with all the fun things I had planned to do month after month. (I actually still have about half a year’s worth of photos to go through. -_-) And after feeling a bit lost after the break up, I feel ready to go out and enjoy life again.

In 2015, I want to:

  • continue traveling more.
  • go out and utilize my camera more.
  • eat a little more healthy.
  • become more active, whether it’s through Blogilates, going to the gym, or just walking around.
  • get promoted.

There’s much I want to accomplish this year, so I’m looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Hello 2015

    • LOL! I’m already thinking of switching back after this iPhone. I didn’t have a very good impression of it after I kept getting glitches.

      And yes, do Blogilates videos with me! I’m working on the beginners 2.0 calendar + abs challenge at the moment. 😀


      • Haha oh no! I feel like people who switch to iPhones usually stay, though. Especially more artsy folks; there are better photo apps for Apple. =C

        Beginners 2.0 calendar AND the abs challenge? I am exhausted just thinking about it. X_X


      • The iPhone *does* make me feel more artsy. LOL! Maybe just a mentality thing though.

        The Beginners 2.0 calendar isn’t even much compared to her usual stuff! Abs not too bad during the first week either. ;P


  1. Haha wow, you’ve definitely accomplished a lot this year! Those are pretty good goals for 2015, I have some of the same! But I didn’t know about Blogilates. Maybe I’ll give it a try! (:

    I do feel you about the breakup though. You and me are in the same boat missy lol, though you seem to be handling it loads better lol. I hope that things are even better for you this coming year! ❤


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