013115 Feeling Spontaneous

It was lash day again! I drove over to Delight Hair Salon with Cathy where it took about 2 hours to fill my lashes this time. I didn’t tell Lily what I wanted exactly and I think my lashes turned out a little thicker than the last time. I really like them, but it will certainly make not having them (sometime in the future) a lot harder since it will be such a dramatic difference! T_T


Cathy texted Kristi and Teresa to see what they were up to and we decided to run with the idea of hitting up SF. With absolutely no plan in mind, Cathy and I headed over to Oakland to meet up with Teresa. The three of us proceeded to hop on BART to meet up with Kristi in SF.

Untitled Untitled

While waiting for Kristi…

After Kristi arrived, we browsed through the Disney store. Then we decided to walk to Japantown despite it being dark out. Though it was a fairly safe walk down Post Street, we walked hella fast. 😛

Upon arrival, we stumbled upon a new boba shop called Mitsu Teahouse. Cute place with good service, but mediocre tasting drinks. Didn’t hit my sweet tooth sadly. We were, however, intrigued by their option of adding cotton candy with your drink. Got suckered!

Untitled UntitledUntitled

We stopped by our favorite crepe place – Belly Good Cafe & Crepes. Their Happy Face Crepes always win me over. 😀

Untitled Untitled

We also stopped by Pika Pika for sticker photos. Apparently, Teresa had never taken Pika Pika photos before. GASP!


We ate dinner at On the Bridge.


Before catching a Lyft ride back to the BART station, we stopped by The Face Shop to stock up on masks. ’twas a fun day. 🙂


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