021415 Single Awareness Day

Vince and I collaborated to plan a hike in Auburn. We had a group of 8 people (Alex, Cathy, Jinn, Sang, Thao, Tony, Vince, and I) and we decided to take the Lake Clementine Trail to check out the dam. It was a fairly easy hike with absolutely perfect weather. 🙂

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Vince tried taking a cool photo of me, but I got too scared when I looked down, so I wasn’t facing the right way. 😦


On a more positive note, our selfie stick came in handy today! 😀


Before leaving the area, we spent some time relaxing next to the river. A lot of people were also out enjoying the sun. 🙂


Afterwards, we went on a foodie run! We ate brunch at The Daily Egg, stopped by Baker’s Donuts to try their cronuts, and checked out the new Sno-Crave in Sacramento.


I noticed the super nice walls at Sno-Crave, so Cathy became my model! 😛


My group and Vince’s group split up after Sno-Crave. My car went to Target (my favorite place!) and then went to Quán Nem Ninh Hòa for dinner. I told them we would eat all day and we certainly did. Bwuahaha! 😛

Though it was my first time being single for Valentine’s Day in a long time, I am glad I had my friends to spend the day with. It was a pretty fun and successful Single Awareness Day. 😀


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