032115-032215 Cathy’s 22nd Birthday Weekend

On Saturday, Cathy and I went over to Long’s house where a dessert party was being held. Cathy made lavender lemonade while Evely, Stephen, and Long brought and made some delicious goodies. It was a lovely little feast. 🙂

UntitledEvely’s contribution made us feel fancy.

Untitled Long’s spaghetti filled our tummies.

UntitledStephen’s first attempt at macarons was quite a success.UntitledLong also made yummy creme brulees!

After the dessert party, Cathy and I met up with Kevin to head out to Electric Bounce House 3 together. I felt pretty old being there, but once Zedd was up, it didn’t matter anymore. Zedd was totally worth it!


The next day, Cathy and I went to our first InstaMeet. Alex and Tony joined us as well since it was in Davis. #MeetMeAtTheArboretum was part of the 11th Wordwide InstaMeet weekend and I was excited to finally be able to attend one. Basically, it’s a photo walk where it is totally okay to be walking around on your phone. 😛

The meet itself met all my awkward expectations. The shy me did not interact much with the other Instagrammers, but I really enjoyed seeing the different perspectives that showed up under the dedicated hashtag at the end of the day. 🙂

Our group ended up leaving a bit early to grab dinner at Hisui 2, but here are the photos I captured during our walk through the arboretum:


I can’t believe my baby seastar is officially 22 years old now! Happy (belated) birthday, Cathy! I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend. 🙂


5 thoughts on “032115-032215 Cathy’s 22nd Birthday Weekend

  1. Um, that party had such fancy foods! First time macarons that look amazing? Creme brulee? Lavender lemonade?? You guys are living that bougie life and I love it! (Side note: Where did Cathy get her lavender from? I wanted to make lavender iced tea but I’m not familiar at all with the process XD)

    Also yay Instameet! Your photos look great, as always. 🙂

    Happy belated birthday to your sister! 😀

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  2. Those macarons look lovely. If you ever go to Trader Joes I highly recommend getting a slice of brie and the rosemary raisin crackers. The crackers are expensive but it’s so bougie

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  3. I’m shy myself. I like going to social events, but don’t interact with people at the events much. I feel awkward and uncomfortable.

    Happy birthday to your sister!


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