040815-041215 DC Trip: Meeting Starr with Christine

Sometime in November/December, Christine brought up the idea of going to DC to meet Starr. (Blog friends can be real friends too, right? 😉 ) While going through my major breakup at that time, it sounded like the perfect plan to get away, so I agreed to go. I typically travel with Cathy, Ly, Kristi, and Teresa, so this trip also meant getting out of my comfort zone.

For those who don’t know, Christine and I had met during college and kept in touch via WordPress and Twitter. She actually has become one of the friends I talk to quite frequently, so surprise! 😛 The both of us “met” Starr thanks to WordPress. We all followed each other’s blogs, connected on Twitter, and chat on Hangouts. Starr is a fellow Xangan and we have a handful of mutual friends because of Xanga, but I don’t think we stumbled each other’s blogs until we both happened to switch to WordPress.

Finally, April came and off we (Christine and I) went to DC!


We booked a red eye flight and got to IAD at 0600AM. (That’s 3 freakin’ AM Pacific Standard Time!) 1. Starr is amazing for agreeing to pick us up so early in the morning. 2. I can’t believe we managed to stay awake at that hour.

A couple days leading up to our trip, the three of us briefly discussed how crazy we were to not verify each others’ identities. What if Christine and I were catfishing Starr or vice versa?! But, we agreed we were way too lazy to pull off such a stunt. We didn’t even webcam beforehand, so when Starr picked us up from the airport, that was literally the first time we saw each other. Romantic or what? 😉

Upon arrival, we were pretty hungry despite the time difference, so Starr brought us to Silver Diner for breakfast. This was our first time really interacting with each other and we ended up laughing a LOT. We were off to a great start and it seemed like a good indicator that the rest of the trip was only going to be awesome. 🙂


After breakfast, we dropped off our luggage at Starr’s, then headed out for the day. One of our first stops was at Union Station. My photos could not do the place justice, which was gorgeous in real life.


Since Shake Shack happened to be there and I was getting hungry again, we decided to share a meal. The burger tasted like a fancy McDonald’s hamburger, the shake was too sweet, but the crinkle fries were bomb.


We hit up the National Postal Museum, which was right across the street.


We had the most fun with designing our own stamp. 😀


We spent a lot of time just walking around taking in all the pretty sights.


The Library of Congress was absolutely breathtaking.


We traveled like a local with Starr’s help. We took the Metro a lot, so we saw the cool ceiling quite a few times during our trip.


Since we got to DC on a Thursday, we got to take advantage of the smaller crowds and went to check out the Tidal Basin. This place had an amazing view of the cherry blossoms.


And just to insert this somewhere, I had brought my selfie stick over to DC. Thanks to Christine, we got a lot of good group photos together. 🙂


We went to Lincoln for happy hour. I don’t recall doing anything else after this aside from going back to Starr’s place and falling asleep early. Christine and I managed to stay up all day despite our uncomfortable flight, so it was pretty impressive!

The next morning, we woke up and went to try Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. The fried chicken was alright, but I really enjoyed the yummy donut flavors they had to offer!


On our way to check out museums, we stopped by Plan B Burger and shared their flight of burgers.


One of the best things about visiting DC was definitely the free admission to a ton of museums. One of our first stops was the Hirshhorn Museum.


Our next stop was the National Air and Space Museum, which was a bit more crowded.


More views from walking around the National Mall. 🙂


Starr got us reservations at Jaleo for sangria hour. Sadly, the place did not impress any of us. 😦


At some point, we made our way to Ben’s Chili Bowl. The restaurant had a really good ambiance and the Half Smoke was on point.


At some other point, we went to Ted’s Bulletin to try their poptarts.


During our second night in DC, we stayed up until nearly 0600am. We went hopping from Russia House to Midtown.


After a night of dancing, Christine and I got to meet Starr’s boyfriend Ben and we went to eat late night kbbq at Honey Pig.

The next morning, we woke up and went to JDS Shanghai Famous Food to eat xiao long baos.


Christine, Starr, and I went to check out Georgetown. We originally wanted cupcakes, but bailed on the idea when we saw the long lines. We ended up just getting macarons from Olivia Macaron instead.


We went to Stoney’s Bar and Grill afterwards. Starr had a work related meeting, so Christine and I sat to the side and half-spied on her. 😛 While we waited, we started chatting with the guys sitting across the table from ours. One of them was living some romantic comedy, so we had a pretty good time listening to his story about meeting a girl from a dating app and not knowing where they stood before he had to take the train back home to New York. Poor dude!


Once Starr was done, we went to meet up with one of my bagels that I connected with on CMB. (How this started in the first place is a totally different story.) We met the bagel and his friend at The Gibson, which was hidden behind a set of unmarked doors. The place turned out to be a speakeasy, which was a first time experience for me. Meeting a bagel for the first time turned out to be an interesting experience overall and it was even more fun with Christine and Starr being there. 😛

After that meet up ended, Christine, Starr, and I went back to Starr’s place where we decided where to eat for dinner. We called up Ben and went to eat AYCE kbbq and hot pot at Oegadgib. (Yeah. We ate a lot.)

On our last day in DC, we went to eat at Founding Farmers for brunch. I don’t know if the price tag is really worth it, but the pancakes were bomb diggity! It was a nice little buffet setup following the farm-to-table concept.


After brunch, we spent the rest of our time checking out the monuments and memorials around the National Mall.


We stumbled upon the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial, which had a fantastic view of the Washington Memorial.


Since we still had some extra time to spare, we decided to go to the National Museum of Natural History. This museum easily ended up being one of my favorites.


We stopped by to see Chinatown, which was as amusing as Starr described the place. It was not-so-Chinese and in reality just had American shops with Chinese shop signs. Ha!


And with that, our fun-filled DC trip had to come to an end. Starr was an amazing host and I am really glad I decided to say “yes” to going to DC. Christine and Starr combo-ed together made for a really fun 4 days. Now, we just have to get Starr to visit us in California! #SCKadventures must continue on!

For more details on our trip, check out Christine and Starr’s blogs! 🙂
Starr’s Recaps: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4
Christine’s Recaps: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4


8 thoughts on “040815-041215 DC Trip: Meeting Starr with Christine

  1. YAYYY I’m so happy this is finally up! Your photos are, of course, super gorgeous. Miss you still and I love looking at your postcard. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the link love about the DC Metro, Karen! I’m a giant architecture nerd, and I feel pretty confident in saying that the DC Metro is one of the most important works of architecture in the US. People use it every day without really considering it, but it’s beautiful, functional, and visually unique. It is an American treasure, in my mind.

    Liked by 2 people

    • No problem, Seamus! The ceiling was definitely eye catching and the blog post on TheCoolist had some really good shots and historical background knowledge. I hope more people click the link to find out more! 🙂


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