041815 UC Davis Picnic Day

This year, I decided to give Picnic Day another chance. I usually skip out on Picnic Day, but decided that I wanted to try going to more of the events Picnic Day had to offer. (Picnic Day seems to have more daytime activities. It doesn’t hurt that I’m able to willingly wake up earlier thanks to the working life. :P)

Cathy, Tony, and I slept over at Alex’s the night before. (We all managed to fit in his room. Woo!) The next day, we got to campus early-ish. Throughout the day, we were able to meet up with Alice, Dennis, Dennis’ brother, Kristi, and Teresa.


For the first time, I got to try the liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Untitled Untitled

I liked seeing this near the Craft Center:


Part of our group spent a good chunk of time checking out the engineering building, which was filled with cool goodies.

UntitledStringless harp. WHAT?!


“Bazooka Battle.” You basically shake a controller to blow the ping pong to your opponent’s side.

UntitledLaser piano!

There were tons of booths set up on Hutchinson Field. One was this “Kiss a Bull” booth.

Untitled My timing was on point with this one. o.o

Untitled Sleepy puppies just chilling and waiting to be adopted.

The first time and only other time I went to Doxie Derby was when I probably a freshman. It was filled with cuteness of course.


After leaving campus to eat at Burgers and Brew, we went back to campus to watch Davis Dance Revolution (aka DDR). Another first for me! This was probably the highlight for me because the performers were oozing with talent and creativity.


It was a long day and we didn’t even get to see everything that Picnic Day had to offer, but I’m glad I still had a group of friends who were still down to go check things out. Next time, I want to make sure I get into the Chemistry Magic Show! 🙂


4 thoughts on “041815 UC Davis Picnic Day

  1. Nice post! I went this year too, only by the time we got to campus, it was almost too late to see anything. I did get to see my friend milk a cow, though..:P And I miss DDR! Who won (both categories) this year?


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