071215 California State Fair

Somehow, going to the California State Fair became an annual thing amongst my friends. (Apparently, it’s our fourth year together!) We generally have the same core group attending with a few new additions along the way. Alex, Coleen, Henry, Kristi and I were the “seasoned” folks while we had Jon, Dennis, Ryan T, and Ryan Y join us! 🙂


We generally like spending time in the exhibits. It is always nice seeing the general exhibits with new amazing pieces being showcased each year.


I really liked the stop motion display! You could watch other people’s videos that were created with the props available.


We saw a lot of robots this year.


Alex and Ryan T played with the “Love Tester” to see how they rated. Ryan got an “uncontrollable” rating. Haha!


My favorite exhibit is definitely the fine arts exhibit. I’d love to be on one of those walls someday!


I am always amazed by the high school students’ works of art.


One of the exhibits had some animals…


We were allowed to pet the porcupine but was I was too scared!

Coca Cola was there again this year giving away free personalized soda cans. Luckily, the line was not too long so everyone got a can or two. 😀

IMG_3257I was happy Ryan came to the fair despite him not really liking fairs in general. 😛


And, of course, we had to watch the hypnotist show! The hypnotist this year has changed, but she at least does the balloon trick which leaves me laughing like crazy.


Phil, Chelsea, and Richard met up with us after the hypnotist show. Since our group was at the fair nearly all day, we decided to end it with a ride on the monorail. 🙂


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