072515 State Fair Round Two + Crashing Mini Get Together

I joined Ly, Jem, and Long for the fair on Saturday. Ly and Long’s co-worker Jenn joined us for a short bit as well. It was the last weekend of the fair and it was much more crowded!


Jem said it’s tradition for her to climb on the golden bear each year. After multiple tries, she managed to climb on. Ly and Long got on as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


We spent about 3-4 hours there and spent a lot of time with looking at the animals and knocking off fair food items we wanted to eat/buy before we left. The girls went to the petting zoo, which was scary/entertaining. The hungry animals can get a little feisty!


Saw a lot of llamas too in the Open Livestock area.


On our fair food list was a giant corndog.


And while we took a short break…


Around 0600pm, we left to buyย party snacks and boba before heading to Phil’s house. Since I was trapped with no car, I had no choice but to crash the mini get together (with Long having to take penalty shots for inviting extra guests. :P) It turned out to be a lot of fun seeing the gang. Since the party started a lot earlier than anticipated, half of the group went to rest after our arrival.


This weekend ended WAY too fast.


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