090515 Labor Day Weekend Hike

With the long weekend approaching, I asked “the guys” if they wanted to go hiking. We ended up with a group of 7; Cathy, Long, Ly, Jack, Jem, Sang, and me! We settled for hiking to Angora Lake since the page mentioned lemonade at the end. Like, what!?

We packed everyone into one car and Long drove us to Tahoe. The EveryTrail page we were following did not have written directions for where the trailhead was, so we walked back and forth multiple times before finding the sign for the Angora Lake Trail. From there, it was an easy trail to follow but a total beezy since it was uphill all the way. We had some great views of Fallen Leaf Lake from above though!


After our uphill battle, we finally made it to the short dirt trail that lead us to the lake!


The Angora Lakes Resort is apparently known for their lemonade, so we ordered two pitchers worth. It was definitely quite refreshing after our hike. We also grabbed sandwiches since they sold food there too. It felt like such a luxurious hiking experience!


Angora Lake is a fairly small area, but it is absolutely gorgeous. Tons of families were there with their kids. (Most people just drive there, but the hike was way more fun!)


We rented a row boat to get to the cliff that people usually jump from. No one from our group ended up cliff jumping since the water was cold, but it was pretty fun to watch the brave souls.


Before we left, we got popsicles! I tried the strawberry lemonade popsicle.


It was a Saturday well spent. Minus the chilly weather we had to deal with. 🙂


5 thoughts on “090515 Labor Day Weekend Hike

  1. I love that last picture. So cute! Sounds like an amazing way to spend a holiday. I’ve noticed you use the Fujifilm x30 for a lot of the pictures you share. How do you like it? It seems like a wonderful camera, that I’ve definitely been interested in.

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    • i was wondering who was creeping on my older blogs. hahah! hello. 🙂

      i think it’s a great camera at its price point. i fell in love with it because of the old school look. (so superficial, i know!) sometimes i feel the quality is lacking sometimes, but for just documenting… it’s not bad. it’s portable and the programmable buttons make it really easy to switch functions. i love it! i bring it around more than my dslr since it’s lightweight.

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      • Hahaha, yeah it was me! I’d been planning to leave a comment on this entry for awhile, but never got around to doing it until I finally did.

        Nothing wrong with loving a camera for its looks. I’ve never had a Fuji camera yet, but one thing I love about them is the old school styling. They really know how to make a good looking camera! And thanks for your insights about the X30, it’s much appreciated! What dslr do you use?

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