100315 – 100415 BIGBANG Concert + LA

The last time I saw BIGBANG perform was in 2012. Having followed their music since high school, I was pretty excited to go see them again in LA! Luckily, Teresa and Cathy were down to go as well. 🙂

Cathy and I met Teresa at LAX. Somehow, we agreed upon the crazy idea to take a 0700am flight. (Why did we do this again?!) Upon arrival, we went to go pick up Shirley before heading to Anaheim to explore. Since we were only there for the weekend, Saturday was the most time we had to do anything we wanted.

So, first stop was Downtown Disney! Feels like it has been forever since I have been to Disneyland. We were so close yet so far from the park. *sniff* At least we got to check out WonderGround Gallery! And we had fun checking out the usual shops as well. 😀

During our visit, I found out that the shops do not trade Vinylmation figures anymore. However, there were a few people who were stationed outside of the shops with their collections to do trades. I thought it was pretty cool. 🙂


Next stop was Anaheim Packing District. This place has popped up way too many times on my social media feeds for me to not go. The hip vibes certainly did not disappoint. We tried Popbar of course, which did not taste bad, but was overpriced in my opinion. The Kroft’s poutine fries were pretty bomb though! Before heading back to LA, we met up with Victor at Cha2o.


We dropped off Shirley at her apartment, checked into our hotel, then made it to Staples Center for the concert just in time. We had good timing all around despite all the distance we covered. Luckily, LA traffic was not as horrible as I had imagined. (Somehow, Google Maps’ red and deep red colored traffic is not on the same level as the traffic back home.) Though the boys had a rough start with many of them not initially singing into their mics, the concert was great overall. It sadly only lasted around 2 hours. After the concert, we grabbed a bite to eat from Slurpin’ Ramen Bar before heading back to the hotel.


The next morning, we decided to be lazy and slept in. (Well deserved after such an eventful day the day before!) With a handful of hours available before we had to head back home, Shirley showed us around the UCLA campus and area. We grabbed brunch from Garlo’s Aussie Pie Shop, which Cathy was pretty ecstatic about since it reminded her of Australia. 😛 It tasted pretty good for the price!

It was a fun little weekend with a couple of firsts for me; first time driving in LA and first time driving a rental car! Both experiences did not turn out too horrible especially since I was a little worried about how I would be able to handle driving around. The lack of sleep on Saturday was worth it! 😀


2 thoughts on “100315 – 100415 BIGBANG Concert + LA

  1. I think OC is a lot better in terms of traffic. If you go to the packing district again, I suggest Georgia’s. Super popular and super tasty Southern food.


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