Jan-Feb Recap

It’s been a while. We’re already in the month of March and it’s crazy to think about how fast time is flying by. Sometimes I feel like not much has changed at all, but in reality… much has happened. So, what have I been up to exactly? Well, let’s see…

  • I started off the year with the Brazen New Year’s Day 5k. A week prior, I did the Brazen Almost New Year’s Even 5k. Running through the cold and completing the course left me feeling like the year was starting off just right.
  • UntitledUntitledI had the pleasure of witnessing one of my favorite couples get engaged Tangled-style.Untitled
  • Friends and I tried out one of the escape room games at Escape Sacramento. We didn’t escape, but it was super fun!Untitled
  • I attended at least two more Kings games.Untitled
  • Cathy  and I got our very first tattoos together. I always wanted one, but never knew what would be important enough for me to ink. With some help from K, I finally found something that made sense.UntitledUntitled
  • I got to see Kygo live and his show turned out absolutely amazing. Kygo played the piano and had live artists perform. ❤Untitled
  • I joined a group of old friends for a Tahoe cabin trip. We mostly just played in the snow and hung out in the cabin, which made for the perfect weekend getaway.UntitledUntitledUntitled
  • It was another year of celebrating Teresa’s birthday! This year, we went exploring in SF with a couple of mini hikes, played pinball at Free Gold Watch, and shot monsters at 7d Experience.Untitled
  • I finally got my car windows tinted and it turned out pretty darn sexy.Untitled
  • I started running a lot more and improved my mile time by about a minute by the end of February.
  • Cathy and I tried our first Cardio Kickboxing class and we had a lot of fun kicking and punching things.
  • I went to Super City 50 and had fun dancing the night away, but also felt like I was getting a bit old for the scene. Eeps.Untitled
  • I flew to LA for a couple days with Ly and Cathy to attend a show taping for Young & Hungry. Found out how painful it was to sit through the tapings of specials (~5-6 hours of clapping, laughing, and not being allowed to go pee!). Hiked to the Hollywood sign while we were in town.Untitled
  • I hopped on a LivingSocial deal and got a Costco membership. (Yay adult life!) But, I also started spending way too much money on yummy snacks. Lalala…
  • I spent a lot of time cleaning out my room, my closet, and my shoe collection after being inspired by Marie Kondo‘s books about tidying. Finally let go of years worth of memories and donated tons of stuff.UntitledUntitled
  • I started dating my first local in a very long time and have been spending a good portion of my days enjoying the homebody life with a guy dubbed as K. There has been quite a learning curve for me during this process, but I’m mostly learning to just enjoy life with this goofball.UntitledUntitledUntitled

17 thoughts on “Jan-Feb Recap

  1. Nice post! I read the organizing books too and I also want to clean out my room but I haven’t been able to dedicate enough time towards doing it! What did you do with all your possessions? Sell/donate/discard?

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    • SO inspirational! I was never taught by parents to let things go, so I still had toys from my younger days hiding in drawers. I ended up donating things still in good condition and discarding things I didn’t think were good anymore. I only set aside a couple things to sell, but that’s because I’m lazy. ;P (I still have a stack of shoes I feel are worth selling, but I don’t want to deal with cleaning and paying postage.)


      • Same with my parents. I have a ton of stuff in my trunk that I’ve been meaning to donate or sell but trying to sell is such a hassle! I hope I can get rid of stuff as thoroughly as you did.

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      • Good luck! The first room cleanup actually looked a whole lot worse. Took me about two days, but it felt so good! The hard part was not having enough space for all the trash. 😂


      • Not at all. A good chunk of things I discarded were birthday cards, old notes, and letters. Marie Kondo helped me with believing that they served their purpose (so cheesy!). Even when I was glancing through them, I realized that most people I didn’t talk to anymore anyways. If I wanted to keep something, I took a photo. Photos, on the other hand, are harder for me to let go of. I kept a bin filled with things I would consider tossing in my next round.


      • She does a good job rationalizing away our guilt. My remaining qualm is throwing at something functional when someone else could benefit from it. Like old sheets that have a hole. They could probably be used for something since 99% of the fabric is just fine. :/


      • I had set aside another bag where I had old shirts I didn’t think were worth wearing. My friend told me, “you’d never know. Someone could use it.” So… I guess it could be left for others to decide.


      • Do you feel like your life has been transformed after this process like she says in the book?


      • It hasn’t been super magical since making sure I put jackets away and stuff requires a conscious effort. But, it does feel really nice to get rid of stuff I no longer needed. I gained so much floor space I forgot I had!


      • My closet is kind of a black hole for stuff like that. It would be cool to see before and after pictures!


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