Living in the Moment

It has been a little over 7 months since I have met Kyle. While talking to my friend Kiki about how quickly time had flown by and how easy it has been, she told me, “It should be easy. With some hiccups, but mostly easy.” And that’s exactly how it has been.

I don’t know if Kyle realizes how much I appreciate having him in my life. I love how he makes time for me despite his busy schedule, how he texts me throughout the day despite seeing me often, and how he sometimes randomly calls me when he’s driving home despite all of the above. These things may seem minor, but they mean so much after dating people who made me feel bad for being “so available.”

He makes me feel safe, secure, and well cared for.

When social media leaves a trail of our pasts, it’s hard not to be curious. It’s really hard to not compare when all that is available is a highlight reel of something that looked so happy. But it’s easy easier to look past everything when I have so many positives to focus on.

I do not take as many photos or update my blog as much I used to, but lots has happened between then and now. From meeting his pup, his little brother, his dad, and his mom, to being invited to family BBQs… life has been good. I saw it as a progression, but Kyle tells me, “This isn’t about progress, just enjoying our time silly moose.”

Perhaps this is what living in the moment is like.


I can be okay with that.


13 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. I’m so glad you’ve found a relationship that you feel comfortable with being you 🙂 I know the feeling of “feeling bad for being so available” and I completely agree that you shouldn’t have to feel bad for that. P.S. you have the same last name as me! hehe

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  2. This is great! I remember you being so bummed out before, so it’s nice to see you in a relationship that just works. I do agree that it should be easy, and flow smoothly. You deserve to be loved freely, and shouldn’t have to think twice about how the other person feels. Yay, for amazing love!!!

    Oh, and I did get the X30. It really is a fun camera, and addicting to shoot with. I like it a lot!

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